Resident Evil Village Piano Puzzle Guide

Resident Evil Village piano puzzle


Resident Evil Village Piano Puzzle Guide

May 7, 2021

By: Dan Rockwood

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May 7, 2021
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As you explore Lady Dimitrescu’s castle in Resident Evil Village, you’ll discover several doors marked with an iron insignia are locked. The key is hidden away in the Opera Hall, and to retrieve it all you need to do is play a little music to solve the Resident Evil Village piano puzzle.

Resident Evil Village Piano Puzzle

In the Opera Hall, you’ll find a gorgeously rendered piano sitting in the center of the room. When you approach it, you’ll notice a music book is open and a prompt to interact with the keys. Begin playing and attempt to match the notes seen in the music book. If you already know how to play the piano, congratulations! You might be able to do this in one try. For the rest of us though, hope is not lost.

The Resident Evil Village piano puzzle simply requires matching the right notes to what is in the music book. As you play each note, you’ll see the corresponding note appear in the music book, giving you an idea of how close you are to the correct solution. Simply play through the scale and you’ll find that the notes that appear go higher or lower as you move up or down the piano. Through the process of elimination, you can pretty quickly play out the entire song, prompting a box to appear with the Iron Insignia Key inside.

Resident Evil Village Piano


This Resident Evil 8 piano puzzle is one of the many mysteries you’ll need to solve while exploring Castle Dimitrescu as Ethan Winters. Once you’ve made it to the Iron Insignia Key location in the Opera Hall, you’ll be able to further explore the castle and see what other discoveries are left to be made. If you're looking for more guides, check out our Castle Dimitrescu Bells Puzzle Guide and keep an eye on TechRaptor for more.

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