Resident Evil Village Rooftop Items Guide

Castle Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village


Resident Evil Village Rooftop Items Guide

May 7, 2021

By: Dan Rockwood

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May 7, 2021
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The Resident Evil Village rooftop of Castle Dimitrescu has a variety of items for you to discover. Most are relatively simple to find if you explore the rooftop and refer to the map to see what areas you may have missed, but there’s one final Resident Evil rooftop item that is still difficult to find. Fortunately, we’re here to assist.

After you’ve cleared the ground floor of the Castle Dimitrescu rooftop and you notice it’s still appearing as red on the map, you’ll want to ascend the stairs to where the zipline begins. From here, while standing right at the zipline, focus your sights on the nearest tower in front of you. If you view from the right angle, you’ll be able to see the soft shimmer of an item on the side of the castle tower. Aim down your pistol sights (or firearm of choice) and shoot it down.

Resident Evil Village rooftop item location

Resident Evil Village Rooftop — Crystal Fragment

Walk over to the base of the tower and you’ll find a crystal fragment sitting there and ready to be added to your inventory! Take a look at your map and see if there are any other items you might have missed before you move on. The crystal fragment can be sold for 2,000 lei to the Duke, so collecting more of these will go a long way in helping you to upgrade your weapons and purchase new materials.


Resident Evil Village Mask of Rage

Once you have all the Resident Evil Village rooftop items complete, don’t forget to ride down the zipline and collect the mask by the statue. This is necessary to help you progress in the game and eventually break out of Lady Dimitrescu’s castle!

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