Resident Evil Village Maroon Eye Ring Guide

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Resident Evil Village Maroon Eye Ring Puzzle

Part of what makes the Resident Evil series so special is the lack of hand-holding it provides. However, some frustration may be caused by this as you search the halls of Lady Dimitrescu's castle for any kind of clue. Thankfully, we can help out with this Resident Evil Village puzzle, and to be frank, the solution may have been staring at you in the face the whole time. 

Resident Evil Village Maroon Eye Ring — Into the halls

As you break free from the witches' trap after a horrific cutscene, you'll be left inside a bedroom with a maroon eye ring equipped. Dazed and confused, you'll walk your way through the castle halls. When you find a stunning chandelier, go up the stairs and turn right at the end of the flight. Keep following the corridor until you find a door with a face and its left eye is missing. You should be at this location. How terrifying!

Resident Evil Village Maroon Eye Ring Map

This Resident Evil Village puzzle is easier than what you'd expect

To resolve this matter, go into your bag and find the maroon eye ring. Don't use it on the door itself; it won't work yet. Instead, examine the ring, turn it around slightly, and you'll get a prompt to take out the eye. Now, press the confirmation button on the door and insert the eye. I do, however, encourage you to explore prior to entering the room as an unsuspected assailant will be after you otherwise. 

Resident Evil Village Maroon Ring Puzzle

You'll find the merchant on a door to the right of the Hall of the Four and essential items within drawers There's also a room before you enter the Bedchamber that has a cabinet that can be opened through a lockpick. On one of the picture frames in the Main Hall, you can gain a Crystal Fragment by shooting it down; if you sell it, you'll gain a hefty amount of currency for it. 

The Witch in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Dimitrescu Daughter Witch Vampire

As you open the door, the witch casts an unwelcome surprise on you as she rips as tears with her flies and scythe. Back away and try to find a way around her. Unlike Resident Evil 3, there's no dodge button, so you have to be careful to not get into contact with her. She'll eventually disappear and you can reenter the hallway you were pushed back from. Go up the hall and turn left, and then left again as you open a door. Run towards the right-hand side of the room in the back and pull the wood. Once you've entered the shabby dark space, jump down the hole on the left side to escape from her clutches. You are now free! 

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