Mask of Pleasure in the Hall of Pleasure in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Mask of Pleasure Guide

Published: May 10, 2021 4:25 AM



To locate the Mask of Pleasure in Resident Evil Village and escape Castle Dimitrescu, you’ll need the Dimitrescu Key. Once obtained, head to the second floor of the Main Hall and walk to the right. Enter the door at the end of that hallway and you’ll be able to unlock the door that leads to the Hall of Pleasure.

Inside, the Mask of Pleasure will be readily available on a statue, but picking it up will cause a gate to lock down behind the exit. With nowhere else to go, crouch down and make your way into the Armory from the fireplace.


Resident Evil Village Mask of Pleasure

Resident Evil Village Mask of Pleasure — Defeat Lady Dimitrescu’s Daughter in the Armory

When you enter this room, you only have a moment before one of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters appears to fight you. In the far corner of the room, you’ll see a table with several pipe bombs laying on it. Add those to your inventory.


On the wall opposite the table is a shelf you can move that will reveal a crack in the wall. Move the shelf and throw a pipe bomb at the crack to open it up. The frigid mountain air will come into the room and make Lady Dimitrescu’s daughter vulnerable so you can start blasting her with your firearm of choice.

Lady Dimitrescu Daughter in Resident Evil Village


Once dispatched, collect the Crystal Torso, then collect the Animal Skull item that’s hanging on the wall over the fireplace.. Head back into the Hall of Pleasure and place the Animal Skull on the statue where the Mask of Pleasure was. This will release the lockdown on the room, allowing you to leave!

With all four Resident Evil Village masks collected and all three of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters dispatched, you’ll be able to return to the Hall of Four on the first floor and finally escape Castle Dimitrescu. Make sure to stock up on any ammunition and healing items, as your showdown with Lady Dimitrescu awaits.

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