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Welcome to the penultimate level for New Pokemon Snap Outaway Cave. This cave system features all kinds of bats, spooky pokemon, and some pretty gemstone pokemon too. These courses aren't very long which makes it easier to replay them in search of any missed Pokemon.

The more you play each level, and get interesting and exclusive photos, the more you'll be able to increase your Research Level. When you get to a new Research Level new interactions will begin happening on routes and new pokemon will appear. For example, the first time you travel through the New Pokemon Snap Florio Nature Park during the day you won't see a Tangrowth, but on subsequent visits, he may appear. If you're searching for a Pokemon on the list below and it hasn't appeared for you where it shows in the map then you might just need to return at a later point in the game. For each of the 3/4-Star photos, I'll list which Research Level (RL) I encountered them on, but they are likely possible elsewhere too.

This guide will also list the various 3/4-Star opportunities that we've managed to come across in our own Pokemon journeys, it will be updated as we discover more.

New Pokemon Snap Outaway Cave

New Pokemon Snap Outaway Cave Star Photos First Map

Below is a list of Pokemon you can find in this area:

  • Crobat
  • Carbink
  • Joltik
  • Rampardos
  • Magikarp
  • Braviary
  • Glalie
  • Croagunk
  • Sableye
  • Gengar
  • Geodude
  • Noibat
  • Vivillon
  • Mawile
  • Drifloon
  • Pumpkaboo
  • Hydreigon
  • Clefairy
  • Goodra
  • Diance

3-Star Opportunities

Crobat - RL 2

Making your way through the level as you go over the river and begin to descend further down towards the crystal room is where you'll find this opportunity. As you're descending, just past the two Geodude fighting on your left if you look up you can see a Crobat that's asleep upside down. Take a photo of it for the 3-star.


Rampardos - RL 1

Illumino Ball the Rampardos that are fighting with the Crobat at the end of the river area. At this point, you'll have their attention and they'll turn and begin roaring at you.

​​​​New Pokemon Snap Outaway Cave Star Photos Rampardos


Sableye - RL 1

When you get to the bottom of the rocky waterfall and can see into the cave the Sableye will be right in front of you digging. If that's too far away then if you keep an eye on the Sableye he will move after the Gengar appears and go back to digging for gems behind three stalagmites. You can line up a shot of him through them all.


Gengar - RL 1

At the very end of the level a Gengar will be standing next to the exit point looking at it. All you need to do is take a picture of him before he decides to disappear.


Geodude - RL 2

After you've crossed the river and are about to start descending into the gem room you'll be able to see these two Geodude fighting to your left. Get a good photo of them in action.


New Pokemon Snap Outaway Cave Star Photos

Mawile - RL 2

Any of the standing Mawile that are in the crystal cave at the bottom of the route can be used to get this. When Mawile takes notice of you it will turn around open the mouth on the back of its head. When the mouth is completely open you'll earn your 3-stars.


Croagunk - RL 1

Throw a flufffruit at a Croagunk and it will puff out its cheeks as it's stunned. This is the action it needs to have to get this star.


Goodra - RL 3

As you head down the path following the river you'll see a Goodra looking at two sleeping clefairy. Wake them up by turning on the Crystabloom that's behind them. Goodra will begin waving and jumping with excitement.


Clefairy - RL 3

As you’re lowering into the large room, right after seeing Hydreigon for the first time look to your lower right. You’ll find a Clefairy that’s flying around with its tiny wings.


Diance - RL 3

Make Diance appear in the gem room at the bottom of the cave, you'll need to take the alternate route here. Once Diance is standing you can play the melody box and she will start dancing with the Mawile and Carbink.


4-Star Opportunities

Sableye - RL 1

When you're in the first gem room after going past the river you'll see a number of Sableye chasing a carbink. As the path continues keep an eye on your right and wedged in between two large rock formations is a Sableye who is laying down relaxing.


Gengar - RL 2

At the start of the level there will be a new Gengar portal in front of you. Throw a flufffruit into it and Gengar will pop out and make a scary face.


New Pokemon Snap Outaway Cave Star Photos Crobat

Vivillon - RL 2

Take a photo of the Vivillon that are flying through the deep underground area. They should be right ahead of you, near impossible to miss.


New Pokemon Snap Outaway Cave Illumina Spot

New Pokemon Snap Outaway Cave Star Photos Illumina Spot

Below is a list of Pokemon you can find in this area:

  • Steelix
  • Noibat
  • Carbink
  • Sableye

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