New Pokemon Snap Blushing Beach Guide

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New Pokemon Snap Blushing Beach

The one level in New Pokemon Snap that is probably super close to the original game's namesake, the Blushing Beach is a relaxing little area that makes up for its short length with some pretty nice scenery and some cool hidden photo opportunities.

You unlock the night version of the beach later in the game when you unlock RL 2 of the Night version of Shivering Snowfields. The night version is full of surprises as well, so be sure to check out both on your playthrough.

So let's get started and check out all of the Pokemon, and high star opportunities we found on Blushing Beach!

New Pokemon Snap Blushing Beach (Day)

New Pokemon Snap Blushing Beach Day

Below is a list of Pokemon you can find on the Beach

  • Crabrawler
  • Exeggutor
  • Pikachu
  • Wingull
  • Bellossom
  • Vivillon (Marine Pattern)
  • Finneon
  • Pyukumuku
  • Machamp
  • Octillery
  • Stunfisk
  • Alolan Raichu (RL 2) 
  • Lapras (RL 2)
  • Squirtle (RL 2)
  • Blastoise (RL 3)

New Pokemon Snap Blushing Beach — 3-Star Opportunities

Crabrawler RL 1

Easy way to get a high rating with Crabrawler is to give it some fluffruit. Throw it near Crabrawler and hell quickly grab it and start chomping down, the perfect opportunity for a great photo op! You can also lure it closer to your camera if you angle the fluffruit just right.

Bellossom RL 1

Right at the end of the first section of the beach is a large Exeggutor that is blocking your path. If you stay there for a moment, to the left near the crystalbloom flower are two hidden Bellossom. Simply lure them out by playing some music, then play music again and they will begin to dance for you. You can bring them closer to you with a trail of fluffruit as well. 

New Pokemon Snap Bellossom

Pikachu RL 1

Need to wait or lure the Pikachu to the nearby shovel in the sand, and Pikachu will start inspecting it. Snap a picture as it does, which will net a special pose that is worth 3 stars at least.

Raichu RL 2

Alolan Raichu is seen surfing the sand dunes towards the end of the course. There are few ways to earn 3 or more stars with it. The first is to snap a photo as it launches off the dunes with a leap. You can also use some music to make it jump and stand in place, giving you ample time to shoot a good photo with Raichu up close. 

Blastoise RL 3
A Blastoise is sleeping on the beach towards the end of the course. Simply throw two pieces of fluffruit at it, and it will wake up and begin shooting water out of its cannons.

New Pokemon Snap Blastoise 2

Machamp RL 3

The Machamp on the hidden beach with Octillery will pose for you if you hit it with a illumina orb. 

New Pokemon Snap Blushing Beach — 4-Star Opportunities

Belossom RL 2

There is a horde of Belossom that you need to play music for. Thankfully, Exeggutor blocks your pathway still, so you can set up the perfect shot.

Machamp RL 2

The Machamp looking out to sea is just waiting for an illumina orb. Hit it while facing him, and he will flex in front of you for a 4-star shot. 


New Pokemon Snap Blushing Beach (Night)

New Pokemon Snap Blushing Beach Night

Below is a list of Pokemon you can find on the Beach

  • Zangoose
  • Vivillon (Marine Pattern) 
  • Drifblim
  • Pikachu (RL 2)
  • Exeggutor
  • Inlay
  • Octillery
  • Seviper
  • Pyukumuku
  • Clamperl
  • Crabrawler (RL 2)
  • Mareanie
  • Primarina (RL 2)
  • Bellossom
  • Finneon (RL 2)
  • Sandygast
  • Magikarp
  • Raichu

New Pokemon Snap Blushing Beach — 3-Star Opportunities

Magikarp RL 1

If you follow the standard path on the beach you will see a Magikarp laying on a rock. Throw an illumina orb at it and it will begin to dance. Get nice and close for an easy 3-star picture. 

Octillery RL 1

Octillery has two opportunities for a 3-star photo. The first is near a crystalbloom along the rocks on the normal path. Light up the crystalbloom with an Illumina orb and Octillery will spray some ink into the air. The second chance is at the end of the level, where an Octillery will be next to a Sandygast flat in front of it. Throw a flufffruit at the Sandygast to spook the Octillery and take photos as he's running into the water.

Zangoose RL 2

You need to strike the Primarina far out on the rocks on the first beach with an Illumina orb. If you do hit it, the Zangoose on the beachline will go near the bush where Seviper is hiding, and begin doing some fighting moves.

New Pokemon Snap Zangoose

Pyukumuku RL 2

You will see two Pyukumuku having an arm wrestling match on a rock to the right side, heading down the normal pathway. Grab a photo of them as they wriggle around.

Drifblim RL 2

A group of Drifblim would be flying in the air towards the end of the beach track. If you snap a photo at just the right time, you will get an easy 3-star picture here. 

New Pokemon Snap Blushing Beach 4-Star Opportunities

Finneon RL 2

A group of Finneon is towards the end of the beach path. You need to spook the Octillery by waking up a nearby Sandygast with the scan and food. Once you do, Octillery will run away, causing a bunch of Finneon to jump high into the air as it passes. 

Pikachu RL 2

There is a pair of Pikachu on the beach in the first area. Simply take a photo of them together talking and you will easily get a 4 star photo.

New Pokemon Snap Pikachu

Crabrawler RL 2

Crabrawler will block off the two Pikachu on the first beach near the water. After a short confrontation between them, it will begin to splash water in the Pikachus faces. You have to time it just right to get 4-stars.

Seviper RL 2

If you lure the Seviper out of the bush with the crystalbloom and some fluffruit. It will stretch itself out, giving you a photo opportunity that will net you 4 stars.You can If you also have the Seviper and Zangoose in the same space, the two will fight each other. When Seviper’s tail clashes with Zangoose’s claws, its when to snap a photo for 4 stars.

Zangoose RL 2

The same procedure as the 3-star photo, you need to hit the Primarina with an illumina orb to get Zangoose to the bushes on the far side of the beach. As it practices its moves, if you lure out the Seviper, it will then brandish its claws for real, netting several chances for a 4-star photo. 

Primarina RL 2

At the start of the stage there is a Primarina on a far rock, out in the ocean. You will have to hit with an illumina orb to get it to swim off it before it leaves on its own. If you do, the Primarina will then give a small concert to some Pokemon on the hidden beach. Light up the cyrstalbloom nearby for a great 4 -star photo. 

New Pokemon Snap Primarina

Octillery RL 2

If you go down the normal path, you will see an Octillery being harassed by a Seviper next to a crystalbloom flower. Throw an illumina orb at the flower and Octillery will give Seviper a nasty surprise, and give you a four-star photo. 

New Pokemon Snap Blushing Beach Alternate Pathways

There is one alternate pathway on the Blushing Beach. It is right after you leave the first beach area, where you pass between some Pokemon near the rocks. If you go left, the alternate pathway heads to a hidden beach, which often contains some pretty special Pokemon near it! 


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