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Last Update: May 4, 2021


New Pokemon Snap Volcano Star Photos

The New Pokemon Snap Volcano level is the seventh level that you'll likely come across in your picture-taking journey. The stage is broken out into the daytime and an Illumino Stage where you'll get to take photos of Volcarona. There are all kinds of dinosaur and fire pokemon in this Jurassic-looking region.

The more you play each level, and get interesting and exclusive photos the more you'll be able to increase your Research Level. When you get to a new Research Level new interactions will begin happening on routes and new pokemon will appear. For example, the first time you travel through the New Pokemon Snap Florio Nature Park during the day you won't see a Tangrowth, but on subsequent visits, he may appear. If you're searching for a Pokemon on the list below and it hasn't appeared for you where it shows in the map then you might just need to return at a later point in the game. For each of the 3/4-Star photos, I'll list which Research Level (RL) I encountered them on, but they are likely possible elsewhere too.


This guide will also list the various 3/4-Star opportunities that we've managed to come across in our own Pokemon journeys, it will be updated as we discover more.

New Pokemon Snap Volcano - Volcano

New Pokemon Snap Volcano Star Photos Map 1

Below is a list of Pokemon you can find in this area:


  • Altaria
  • Luxray
  • Archeops
  • Aerodactyl
  • Tyrantrum
  • Monferno
  • Charmander
  • Graveler
  • Slugma
  • Shinx
  • Typhhlosion
  • Talonflame
  • Torkoal
  • Flareon
  • Charizard

3-Star Opportunities

Altaria - RL 2

Before you go into the cave to your right where the Charmander is you’ll see a flock of Altaria swooping by. This is an easy 3-Star

New Pokemon Snap Volcano Star Photos Altaria



Archeops - RL 1


After the Tyrantrum crashes through the Archeops area chasing the monferno there will be two Archeops at the back of the scene flaring up and shouting at it. A photo of these two will net you a 3-star photo.


Tyrantrum - RL 1

Catch Tyrantrum roaring at either Monferno or Archeops. You shouldn’t zoom in for these shots either, as getting both Pokemon in frame, but centered on Tyrantrum, is key to getting a 3-star rating. It also makes for a cool Jurassic Park moment.

New Pokemon Snap Volcano Star Photos Tyrantrum



Monferno - RL 1

After dropping down from the pool area while the Tyrantrum is chasing after one Monferno look to your right. On one of the rocks another Monferno will be taunting the Tyrantrum that’s chasing its friend. Light it up with an Illumino Ball


Charmander - RL 2

After descending from the hot springs look to your right up in the cliffs. You’ll see a Charmander hiding out next to a Crystabloom, you may need to play a song to get it to walk out

New Pokemon Snap Volcano Star Photos Charmander


Graveller - RL 2

After the Monferno has jumped in front of you at the beginning of the level turn around and you’ll see Graveller rolling after you. Any one of these Pokemon will count as 3-Star


Typhlosion - RL 2

Hitting Typhlosion with an flufffruit will cause it to flare up the fire on its back. Wait a bit for the NEO-ONE to get closer before you do this for more points.


Near this, you should see a crystalbloom. Hit it with an Illumina ball and it will close its eyes. Get a shot mid pose.

4-Star Opportunities

Luxray - RL 3

Descend into the cave and don’t take the alternate path. In the center of the first cave area there will be a Luxray just sitting there. Hit it with an Illumino Ball and its eyes will start glowing.

Typhlosion - RL 2

Drop a flufffruit in front of a Typhlosion but make sure not to hit it. Typhlosion will walk up to the flufffruit and roast it.

New Pokemon Snap Volcano Star Photos Typhlosion



In the same room as the Typhlosion, you will occasionally see him fly in. If you get a normal picture, it will net you 3 stars. if you catch one while he's eating, you earn 4.

Archeops - RL 1

The same description as above, but throw some fluffruit at them, and if one of the Archeops picks it up and eats it, snap a photo of it quickly. At the right moment you should net a 4-star rating for the prehistoric Pokemon.


Charmander - RL 3

Before you drop into the cave system there’s a Charmander and Archeops fighting above the cave entrance. Hit Charmander with an Illumino Ball and he’ll use flamethrower to scare away the Archeops.


Charizard - RL 3

Don’t take the alternate path. At the end of the level you’ll see a Tyrantrum and Charizard fighting. The Charizard is flying around so it can be difficult but hit him with an Illumino Ball and he’ll hold in place and look around.

New Pokemon Snap Volcano Star Photos Charizard


New Pokemon Snap Volcano - Illumina Spot

New Pokemon Snap Volcano Star Photos Map 2

Below is a list of Pokemon you can find in this area:

  • Volcanora
  • Monferno
  • Archeops

4-Star Opportunities

Volcarona - RL 2

Use flufffruit to keep the fire shield off the Volcarona. At the end of the stage it will hover near a Crystabloom. Use an Illumino ball to light it up and Volcarona will explode with fire. This is your 4-star opportunity.

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