New Pokemon Snap Legendary Pokemon Guide

Last Update: August 4, 2021


New Pokemon Snap Legendary Pokemon

Legendary Pokemon have always been a big part of Pokemon games. From the legendary birds and Mewtwo appearing in the first generation of games all the way through to New Pokemon Snap, Legendary Pokemon are what everyone wants to collect. There are 10 legendary Pokemon that you can set your sights on for New Pokemon Snap. This guide will show you how to catch them all.

While you might have access to the level requirements, I did find that some Pokemon like Ho-Oh didn't want to turn up no matter what I was doing. If the legendary doesn't appear the first time you try to encounter them, I'd recommend progressing further through the story first. These Pokemon only appear in the Research Level 3 stage, so you'll also want to work your way towards that before attempting any of these.



Where: Founja Jungle (Night)

Requirements: Pokeflute

How to find: At the very start of the stage if you turn around you’ll see a group of Morelull. If you begin to play them a song, a purple orb will begin to fly towards you. Time your Flufffruit correctly to hit it and Mew will pop out. 


Throughout the rest of this level, you’ll see Mew’s bubble a few more times, so if you missed them at the start of the level don’t fret!


Where: Elsewhere Forest (Day)

Requirements: None


How to find: This is the easiest of the legendary Pokemon to find. When you get to the end of the level, where you’ll also see a Bewear on the track, Celebi will be flying through the trees all around you. 

New Pokemon Snap Legendary Pokemon Lugia



Where: Lentil Seafloor (Day)

Requirements: Illumina Orb, Left Pathway unlocked by Clawitzer

How to find: At the beginning of the level there will be a path to the left you can take (You’ll take this one naturally during the story, but if you’re not sure how to, throw an orb at the Clawitzer that appears under the stone archway)

There’s a bit of a weird chain of events here that you’ll need to tackle:

  1. Later down the path as you’re heading deeper into water you’ll see a Lanturn; use an Illumina orb on it
  2. It will begin to swim down getting chased by Sharpedo before getting caught by a pair of Frillish
  3. Use an Illumina Orb once again on the Lanturn and it will escape the Frillish
  4. Follow the grateful Lanturn and they’ll take you along a side track where you’ll find a sleeping Lugia




Where: Fire Flow Volcano (Day)


How to find: Ho-Oh seems to randomly appear in the sky when playing this level. The rate for it to occur is quite frequent so as long as you’re keeping your eyes in the sky (which is hard to do with so many Pokemon around) he may appear for you.

Just catching glimpses of the Pokemon as it appears though won’t do well for points so keep an eye out on the right cliff face through the level. There’s a Charmander next to a flower that Ho-Oh will fly right over and seems to be one of the best spots to catch it.

New Pokemon Snap Legendary Pokemon Suicune


Where: Shiver Snowfields


How to find: This Pokemon is a bit more involved in how to get a good photo. I’ll be listing down the steps in numerical order just to help keep it all clear.

  1. Begin the Snowfields during the day; we’ll need to do this to open the pathway to Suicune.
  2. At the beginning of the stage, take a photo of the Alolan Sandslash that will appear on your left, he will dig away.
  3. A little bit later, Alolan Sandslash will reappear on the left; make sure you’re looking out for him. Take a photo again and he’ll dig away once more.
  4. Later again in the level, Alolan Sandslash will appear on your path. He’ll dig a tunnel through to the right. From here just finish the level normally or through the secret path.
  5. Begin the Snowfields again, this time during the night. Progress through the level until you get to the secret passage you unlocked.
  6. Once in the secret passage, throw an Illumina Orb on the Crabominable; it will walk across your path and punch a snowy tree, waking up an Abomasnow.
  7. Abomasnow will cause a blizzard, and from behind the tree to Abomasnow’s right, a Froslass will appear. Take its photo.
  8. Follow the Froslass and it will take you through another split pathway and into a cave system.
  9. Once you’re out of the cave, you’ll emerge to starry skies and a lake with a Jynx riding an Avalugg.
  10. Throw Illumina Orbs at Jynx, and after a few moments Suicune will come running across the water from the right.

New Pokemon Snap Legendary Pokemon Diance


Where: Outaway Cave - Research Level 3

Requirements: Illumina Balls

How to find: Through the level you’ll get to a split path; take the one straight ahead that will lead you into the chambers with the crystal formations. At the bottom of the cave are two Carbinks and a Mawile. Illuminate all of them and Diance will hop out from a cave to the right.



Where: Florio Nature Park


How to find: You encounter this Pokemon differently depending on the day set you have picked.

  • Day Time - Travel near the end of the level and you’ll find Shaymin hidden among the flowers.
  • Night Time - Near the end of the level, Shaymin will be watching a Scorbunny.



Where: Ruins of Remembrance

Requirements: You must have already completed the Ruins of Remembrance once

How to find: You’ll play through this level as part of the story. The first time through you won’t be able to find Jirachi. The next time you play this level, Jirachi will be right at the start. Jirachi will also appear later on in the cave system sleeping. 

New Pokemon Snap Legendary Pokemon Jirachi


Where: Ruins of Remembrance

Requirements: Story Progression

How to find: This is part of the story for New Pokemon Snap, so you’ll see it when you see it!



Where: Reef Night

Requirements: Beat the game

How to find: At the end of the stage, there’s an option to take an alternate path; you’ll want to take this. Continue through the level until you get to a pool of Lapras. Illuminate all of the Lapras and play the Pokeflute, and Manaphy will join the Lapras dancing to your music.



Where: Badlands (Night)

Requirements: Research Level 2

How to find: At the beginning of the Barron Badlands (Night) stage you'll be able to spot Zeraora sleeping to your left. Wake it up and throughout the level it will appear in various places 

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