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Joining the Founja Jungle and Elsewhere Forest this New Pokemon Snap update brings with it the Mightywide River on the Belusylva Island. The New Pokemon Snap Mightywide River is reminiscent of the forest level from the original Pokemon Snap. Players will get a chance to float down the river and watch as pokemon come to the river banks. When first being told about the level Todd even remarks that it looks familiar to him!

New Pokemon Snap Mightywide River Alternate Path

The Night version of Mightywide River has an Alternate Path that you're able to explore. As you're coasting through the level get to the cliffside where you see a sleeping Feraligatr and throw fruit at it to wake up. If done early enough an alternate path will open up behind the vines next to it. 


New Pokemon Snap Mightywide River - Day

New Pokemon Snap Mightywide River Day

Below is a list of Pokemon you can find in this area:

  • Tropius
  • Feraligatr
  • Psyduck
  • Beautifly
  • Scorbunny
  • Swampert
  • Magikarp
  • Sobble
  • Toucannon
  • Grookey
  • Aipom
  • Vivillion (Jungle, River Pattern)
  • Quagsire (RL 2 & 3)
  • Arbok (RL 2)
  • Gyrados (RL 2 & 3)
  • Wooper (RL 2)
  • Metapod (RL 2& 3)
  • Ursaring (RL 3)
  • Venusaur (RL 3)
  • Drilbur (RL 3)

3-Star Opportunities

Psyduck - RL 1
When Psyduck is being chased by a bunch of foolhardy Aipoms just before the first waterfall, take a picture of it before they catch up for a 3-star image opportunity.

On Research Level 2, after you pass down the first waterfall, there's a waterfall cave on your right side. Toss some fluff fruit into the cave area to freak out Psyduck and send him shooting into the air for a 3-star pic.

Metapod - RL 2 and 3
Metapods can string down from a branch over the river, and hang there. To trigger this, play music as you near them and they'll come on down for you to take a shot of them for a 3-star image.

Feraligatr - RL 2 and 3
When you come to the first junction in the river, Feraligatr will leap out and scream, trying to scare you. Snap a pic!

Gyrados - RL 2 and 3

To get Gyrados to pop up at the end of the course, light up the crystabloom under the waterfall, and the next crystal bloom down the course. Then to get a three-star image, when Gyrados pops up at the end of the course, toss him a fluff fruit or Illumina orb and get a picture of him eating or roaring out of the water.

techraptor new pokemon snap mightywide

Toucannon - RL 2
As you’re going down the second waterfall area, hit the crystabloom on the right side with an orb, and some Toucannon will fly down and perch on the left. Play some music and they’ll start dancing! Alternately, hit one with a fluff fruit and they'll start screaming at you, which is also worth 3 stars.

Grooky - RL 2

Early on you can look to the right on the ledge and you'll see Wooper running along the edge, to where he'll meet up with Grooky and Sobble. Take a picture at the right moment (while or just after he does an aerial summersault) for a 3-star Grooky image as the 3 of them gather together.

Magicarp - RL 2 and 3

After the first rapids, you will see Magicarp swimming. Wait for it to swim under, or just past the hanging log with Arbok, and scan it, and take a picture while it knocks Arbok off to get a three-star Magicarp image. On RL3 you can do this in the same location to Ursaring for a three-star image.

Tropius - RL 3

At the start of the course, as you go into the first turn where Feraligator tries to scare you, you should shortly see several Tropius flying. Take some three-star pictures!

Ursaring - RL 3

This functions much like Arbok's 4-star image, as Ursaring has taken its place on the log out over the river. Wait for Magicarp to get near or past it, and scan for it to jump and Ursaring to fall, taking the karmic punishment for its relative's torture of Psyduck.

Alternatively, you can take a picture when it goes to scratch up the tree that you found the marks on earlier, or when it tries to scare you down on the landing where Venusaur is if you knocked it off the log earlier.

Quagsire - RL 3

This 3-star image is really easy - when you come down the second rapids, across from the landing with Venusaur and Toucannon, where the Swamperts are sleeping. You'll see that they've been joined by a sleeping Quagsire who you can take a picture of.

Drilbur - RL 3

After the sleeping Swamperts and Quagsire, you'll see a Drilbur running out to a rock ledge. He'll wave his little claws at you, and if you take a picture then, you can get a three-star image.

4-Star Opportunities

Tropius - RL 1
When you are near the end of the course you will see several Tropius on one of the banks. Hit one with an Illumina orb, and see it fly itself slightly in the air. Take a shot while its airborne for a 4-star image

After you go down the first waterfall, there will be a group of Tropius’ on the bank, toss a fluff fruit to one for a 4-star pic.

Gyarados - RL 2
To get Gyrados to pop up at the end of the course, light up the crystal bloom under the waterfall, and the next crystal bloom down the course. At the end of the level take a photo of Gyarados as it's jumping down the waterfall. A photo while it's in midair should net you the 4-star photo.

Arbok - RL 2

After the first waterfall, you should see Arbok sleeping on a log, wait until Magicarp is under the log, and activate the scan. This will make Magicarp jump and knock Arbok into the water, giving you the chance to get a 4-star picture as it falls in.

Additionally, while not tied to a 4-star image, it will also reappear on the small plateau to the right after the next waterfall where the Tropius and Toucannon hang out.

Psyduck - RL 3

Poor Psyduck. Its day just keeps getting worse. This time, after being chased by more mean Aipom's it gets a momentary reprieve when Ursasing appears to scare them off... however, Ursaring just wants some duck himself, so give Psyduck with an Illumina orb. Psyduck, then summons its psychic energy and you should take a four-star picture here.

Quagsire - RL 3

As you come down the first rapids, look behind you and you'll see Quagsire coming down.  Take a picture as it does to land yourself another 4-star image for your photodex.

Toucannon - RL 3

When you reach the Toucannon landing, light it up as you did for the three-star image, and play some music. This will cause Drilbur to jump out and you can also get a 4-star image of Toucannon at the same time.

New Pokemon Snap Mightywide River - Night

New Pokemon Snap Mightywide River Night

Below is a list of Pokemon you can find in this area:

  • Tropius
  • Ledian
  • Wooper
  • Morellul
  • Ariados
  • Psyduck
  • Vivillon (Jungle Pattern)
  • Quagsire
  • Beautifly
  • Feraligatr
  • Swampert
  • Toucannon
  • Aipom
  • Drilbur (RL 2)
  • Magikarp (RL 2)
  • Cleffa (RL 2)
  • Gyarados (RL 2)

3-Star Opportunities

Tropius - RL 1
There is a Tropius sleeping behind a row of Morelluls right before you hit the second waterfall. Start playing music and it will sleepily raise its head to see what all the fuss is about, for an easy 3-star.

Quagsire - RL 1
Midway down the second waterfall, there's a Quagsire sitting next to a crystabloom. Hit the bloom with an Illumina orb and a Wooper jumps down, causing the Quagsire to react excitedly.



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