New Pokemon Snap Maricopia Reef Guide

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New Pokemon Snap Maricopia Reef

Arguably the most beautiful level in the entire game, the New Pokemon Snap Maricopia Reef is a standout location. The sun, surf, and rock formations that create a great natural reef is certainly a sight to behold, and for my money, its evening map, which is unlocked by beating the entire main story, is one of the best looking maps in the game. 

The New Pokemon Snap Maricopia Reef also has a ton of Pokemon to take pictures with, so here is a guide of what's here for both the day and evening maps, along with some of the 3 and 4-star photos we were able to come across. 

New Pokemon Snap Maricopia Reef (Day)

New Pokemon Snap Maricopia Reef Day

Below is a list of Pokemon you can find along the Reef

  • Finneon
  • Sharpedo
  • Magikarp
  • Machamp
  • Mantine
  • Wailord
  • Pikachu
  • Wingull
  • Pelipper
  • Mareanie 
  • Squirtle (RL 2) 
  • Lapras (RL 2)
  • Pyukamuku (RL 2)

3-Star Opportunities

Mareanie RL 1

 A trio of Mareanie will attempt to attack a lone Corsola who keeps running up to it. If you distract the Mareanie with some music, they will all eventually stop in sync and pose together. Chances are they will be facing away from the camera, but you can still earn three stars with this easily if you aim it just right. 

Machamp RL 1

The Machamp posing on the rocks, as you get close, play some music and watch him flex. Machamp will eventually do a pose with all of his arms, and if your close enough just start snapping away. At RL 3, you can catch a photo of it engaging in a swimming race with a Sharpedo as well for a cool 3-star shot.

New Pokemon Snap Maricopia Reef

Mantine RL 2

Mantine are all over the Reef, and they have a few opportunities for a 3-star photo. The best options include the Mantine with a Pikachu riding on its back, a trio of Mantine hanging out after the Wailords surface, and a school of Mantine that jump in the air any time you press the scan button. 

Sharpedo RL 2

 A Sharpedo will begin chasing a swimming Squirtle in the water, its mouth open wide to chomp down on the tiny turtle. As it passes by simply take a photo of it. 

Lapras RL 3

Right at the beginning of the stage is a Lapras. Play some music and it will sing for you.

Finneon RL 3

With the school of Finneon, throw some fluffruit at it and one will jump into the air. Snap a photo before it’s grabbed by a Wingull.

New Pokemon Snap Finneon

New Pokemon Snap Maricopia Reef — 4-Star Opportunities

Wingull RL 2

If you throw a piece of fluffruit into the water near a school of Finneon, one of them will jump out in excitement as the school scatters. A few seconds later, a Wingull will snatch it up with its beak and fly away. Snap a picture of it quickly for a great 4-star photo.

Pelipper RL 2

If you take the alternate path, you will see a bunch of Pelliper near a blue crater. Each of them has a Pukyumuku in their mouth. If you hit one with an ilumina orb the Pukymuku will give you the peace sign with its hand from Pellipers mouth. Snap a photo then!

New Pokemon Snap Pelipper

Pukymuku RL 2

 Not to be outdone by Pelipper, if you hit the same Pokemon with a fluffruit, they will spit out the Pukymuku they have in their mouth. Simply grab a photo of them as they fall back into the ocean.

Mantine RL 2

The Mantine with a Pikachu on its back needs to do a jump in the air, usually, after you hit it with an illumina orb. Once you do, you get a chance for a 4-star photo!

Sharpedo RL 3

Sharpedo has two spots where you can earn four stars. The first is near the beginning with a crystalbloom flower. Light it up and the Sharpedo there will eventually jump into the air all excited. The second chance is when it races Machamp later in the stage. 

New Pokemon Snap Sharpedo

Corsola RL 3

If you use the illumina orb on the crystalbloom at the end of the stage, a Corsola will step in and defend its friend. After this, it will join a group of Corsola on another rock, and begin dancing for you, and for your camera.

New Pokemon Snap Maricopia Reef (Evening)

New Pokemon Snap Maricopia Reef Evening

Below is a list of Pokemon you can find along the Reef

  • Squirtle
  • Inkay
  • Wailord
  • Wingull
  • Blastoise (RL 2)
  • Drifblim
  • Raichu
  • Mareanie
  • Vivillon (Ocean Pattern)
  • Vaporeon
  • Primarina
  • Lapras
  • Clampearl
  • Manaphy (RL 2)

3-Star Opportunities 

Inkay RL 1

 There is a pair of Inkay at the start of the course, where if you press the scan they will do a synchronous jump together outside of the water. It can lead to a decent 3-star shot, though both Inkay will be facing away from you. 

Squirtle RL 1

There are a number of Squirtle dotted around on the islands at the beginning of the map. Intermittently they will blow out bubbles for fun, making it a good photo op. 

New Pokemon Snap Squirtle

Raichu RL 1

An Alolan Raichu is surfing around they will intermittently do jumps and spins in the air.

Primarina RL 1

 As you’re approaching Primarina the Aria Pokemon will be blowing bubbles and laying like a mermaid. Any photo taken with those criteria will be counted as a 3-star, but she will run quickly as you approach. 

Drifblim RL 2

 Towards the section where you need to choose a pathway, you will spot a lone Drifblim on the right, carrying a Clamperl. Simply take a photo of the Drifblim and you got a unique 3-star picture.

Clamperl RL 2

The Clamperl being carried by Drifblim is actually a 3-star opportunity. You need to snap a photo of it as it opens its shell slightly.

New Pokemon Snap Clamperl

Vivillon (Ocean) RL 2

You need to just get close to Vivillon for this one. Dash faster than it flies for a simple 3-star photo.

Manaphy RL 2

If you get the singing Lapras at the end of the stage, Manaphy will pop up and greet you. Snap a photo as it emerges from the water for a 3-star opportunity. 

New Pokemon Snap Maricopia Reef — 4-Star Opportunities

Vaporeon RL 1

 About halfway through the course, you will need to scan an area that mentions something blue under the ocean. Play some music and a Vaporeon will pop out of the water! If you get it right before it is fully submerged, it will earn you a nice 4-star photo.

Lapras RL 1

If you take the alternate path on the Reef, you will come across several Lapras together near the end of the course. If you throw illumina balls at the smaller Lapras, it will begin swimming towards one of the larger Lapras nearby. After that, play some music and the two will begin singing in a duet. That is the perfect time for a 4-star shot! 

Blastoise RL 2

 When you get to the huge whirlpool just start throwing illumina orbs in the center of it soon as possible. There won’t be any indicator to let you know that it is working but eventually, a Blastoise will jump out of the water and rocket away. He’s extremely fast so stay vigilant!

New Pokemon Snap Blastoise

Wailord  RL 2

Where the two Wailord’s are sleeping, but you need to hit the far right one with an Illumina orb. The Wailord will then dunk its head underwater for a moment, then spout water after a second or two for a 4-star photo.

Raichu RL 2

Early in the stage there is a lone Raichu that will eventually do some breakdancing on its board. To get it to do so, play some music then simply snap a photo when it does.

Manaphy RL 2

Scan when Manaphy does show up and begins to swim with the Lapras, you can get a 4-star photo of Manaphy when doing so, as it will wave to you, being nice and cheerful.

New Pokemon Snap Maricopia Reef Alternate Pathways

There are two alternate paths on the Reef. The first is right next to the Wailord, you will eventually circle around it by going either to its front or its back. The second pathway you have a choice to go left near the rocks of the reef or go right near a blue crater lagoon at the end of the course. 

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