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The Elsewhere Forest is a dark, mysterious forest with tons of fog and gorgeous landscapes to see. It is also one of the longer tracks in New Pokemon Snap, being made up of 8 different locations, each of them interconnected by two mysterious foggy areas and two possible ending pathways. 

The fog areas are always on each track, but the non-fog areas correspond to four different paths that each represent a different season (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter), plus two ending paths within the Forest. For a lot of people, the trouble is which path they get, but it is not randomized at all. You automatically go through the Summer path on RL 1 and the Autumn path on RL 2. On RL 3, if you don’t throw an illumina orb or take any photos of the Espeon found in the first foggy area, you will go to the Spring path.  Activating the Winter path and the second exit however requires you to uncover the hidden pathways for them in the two foggy areas.

New Pokemon Snap Elsewhere Forest  — The Winter Path and Sunny Plain Path

For the Winter pathway, you need to play music next to the floating stone found in the first foggy area. A Trevenant nearby should then grab the stone and move it out of the way. Then, you should see an Espeon that you need to light up with an illumina orb. Once you do, you will follow the Espeon to the Winter path.

There is another possible way to access the Winter path on RL 2. In this one, you simply take no pictures of any Pokemon on the first foggy area and use the turbo function to follow closely behind the two Shiftry in your pathway. If you don't use turbo at all, it will trigger the Autumn path instead.

The second hidden pathway leads to an alternate ending spot, called the Sunny Plain path. In the second foggy area, there is a location near the beginning of the fog portion where you see two Crystalboom slightly out in the distance to the right. Simply illuminate them both with an illumina orb, then illuminate a third crystalbloom flower later in the course, and the new path should be open to you. You know you on the right track if a Deerling, Espeon, and Sawsbuck meet together at one of the last crystalblooms. Unlike the Winter pathway, the Sunny Plain path is a permanent change, meaning you can go to this area without activating the crystalbloom again if you choose. 

New Pokemon Snap Elsewhere Forest 

New Pokemon Snap Elsewhere Forest


Below is a list of Pokemon you can find in this area.

  • Trevenant
  • Espurr
  • Espeon (RL 3) 
  • Pancham
  • Deerling (multiple forms)
  • Sawsbuck (multiple forms)
  • Unfezant
  • Bulbasaur
  • Kecleon
  • Shiftry
  • Lotad
  • Drampa
  • Bewear
  • Serperior (RL 2)
  • Applin (RL 2)
  • Gardevoir (RL 3)
  • Magikarp (RL 2) 
  • Ninetails (RL 3)
  • Celebi (RL 3, Postgame)

3-Star Opportunities

Shiftry R1

 You can get a good 3-star photo of Shiftry at two locations. The first is in the fog section on the first leg of the forest, where you can catch a Shiftry leaping off a small rock. A green illumina orb will make it easier to spot and may have to play some music to make Shiftry do the leap. The second three-star spot is when Shiftry is training a lone Pancham near a small forest of bamboo. 

Pancham R1

 Pancham also has two three-star locations, both right next to each other. You can snap a photo of the Pancham being trained by Shiftry, especially when it begins to make punching motions near the bamboo. The second requires you to throw an illumina orb into a crystalbloom flower on the far right-hand side. Another Pancham will wander over to it and begin jumping for joy at the light.

Trevenant R1 

 If you throw some fluffruit at a Trevenant while it's facing you, it will lift out its arms in a spooky roar. The roar is the perfect opportunity to snap a photo for 3 stars, especially if it's close to the center frame.

New Pokemon Snap Trevenant

Bulbasaur R1

The Bulbasaur is tricky, but in the bamboo-section of the forest you will see one on the left, looking over at a Sawsbuck standing on a rocky ledge. The Bulbasaur will be growling, and while it will likely be obscured by the trees, you can snap a photo of it for a nice 3-star photo.

Drampa  R1

When you first enter the fourth part of the level, the large forest, you can look to your left and there’s Drampa hiding behind some trees taking a nap. This is the same Drampa that you’ll drift by when you go under the tree where the Kecleon is.

Deerling (Autumn) RL 2

There is a Deerling in the Autumn Path that will interact with a lone Applin. Simply throw an illumina orb at the Deerling while it's near the Applin, and it will grow happy and interact with the worm Pokemon. Makes it a perfect moment to capture a photo. 

Espurr  RL 2

In the first foggy area there is an Espurr next to a rock. If you throw an illumina orb at it, and scan, it will use its psychic powers to lift the rock. This also gives you a nice 3-star photo. 

New Pokemon Snap Espurr

Bulbasaur RL 3

In the bamboo forest, you should see a trio of Bulbasaur lounging near the rocks. If you hit them with illumina orbs, they will make their way on top of the rocks and slowly grow in happiness in front of you. 

Lotad RL 3

 If you get onto the alternate pathway for the end, you will spot a pair of Lotad in the distance. Play some music or scan, and they will start jumping in the air for joy. 

Unfezant RL 3

On the spring path, you need to hit a male and female Unfezant with an illumina orb, as well as hit a crystalbloom on your left. It will lead the two to fly off together, with a male going on a perch as they start chirping towards each other. 

Bewear  RL 3

On the winter path, simply hit the Bewear in the cave with a scan, and it will outstretch its arms as if to give you a big bear hug.

New Pokemon Snap Bewear

Gardevoir RL 3

Gardevoir needs to be caught teleporting for this 3-star photo. You can catch it entertaining some Deerling in the snow, but you need to be quick to get a good photo of it teleporting. Music or illumina orbs may help with this too to set it up. 

Celebi  RL 3

Celebi only appears after you beat the game. Once you do, it’s permanently found in the final section of the forest. To get a 3-star photo, however, you need to catch Celebi as it teleports away. 

New Pokemon Snap Elsewhere Forest — 4-Star Opportunities

Kecleon RL 1

 Kecleon is found throughout the foggy sections of the Elsewhere Forest. Most of them are either standing around or hanging off branches, completely invisible unless you throw an illumina orb at them. One Kecleon, however, is worth your time. At the start of the second fog section of the Forest, look left and you will see the outline of a Kecleon lounging on the ground as if it were asleep. Throw an illumina orb at it when close and start snapping photos, you will be pretty much guaranteed a 4-star picture. 

New Pokemon Snap Kecleon

Applin RL 2

The same Applin that is being harassed by the Deerling is also a 4-star opportunity. You need to time it just right, but the Applin would then be separated from its apple, making it prime for a 4-star photo. 

Bewear RL 3 

In the final area on the normal path, you need to light up a crystalbloom flower with a Bewear nearby. It will quizzically look over to the flower before it covers its eyes, allowing you to hit a 4-star photo.

Espeon RL 3

 Hit Espeon with an illumina orb while it is in the first foggy area, after you have started down the alternate pathway. Espeon will look around intently in the background, right before it makes it way down the alternate path.

New Pokemon Snap Espeon Forest

Sawsbuck RL 3

On the Sunny Plain path, near the area of the forest where all four seasons are represented, you will see a large group of Sawsbuck and Deerling congregating together. If you play some music near the Sawsbuck after hitting the crystalboom flower with an illumina orb, they will begin to cry out in front of you for a 4-star photo. 

Gardevoir RL 3

Another good photo op for Gardevoir is the same one that entertains the Deerling. Simply hit it several times with an illumina orb, and it will eventually lead the two Deerling to a crystalbloom flower near a dead tree. Light up the crystalbloom flower and Gardevoir does some magic to put on a little show for the young Deerling!

New Pokemon Snap Elsewhere Forest Illumina Spot

New Pokemon Snap Forest Illumina Spot

Below is a List of Pokemon Found in this area:


  • Magikarp
  • Ninetails
  • Bulbasaur
  • Lotad
  • Kecleon
  • Trevenant
  • Serperior
  • Espeon
  • Milotic

3-Star Opportunities


Any time Milotic has been illuminated, nearby Magikarp, Lotad, and other Pokemon will feel the effects of it. The Magikarp will actually jump into the air real high, giving players the perfect opportunity for a 3-star picture if they can catch it at the right angle.

New Pokemon Snap Milotic

4-Star Opportunities


Milotic is pretty easy to deal with. All you need to do is hit it with a fluffruit first, and she will surface. Then hit her with an Illumina orb to get her glowing for ample photo opportunities. For 4-stars, mid-way through the stage she will do a massive jump into the air, while on top of a whirlpool. Angle your camera right for a good photo then!

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