Where to Find The Last Stand: Aftermath Batteries

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Where to Find The Last Stand: Aftermath Batteries

Are you wondering where to find Batteries in The Last Stand: Aftermath? Our guide will tell you where to find batteries, how to craft batteries, and what batteries are used for in The Last Stand: Aftermath.

What Are Batteries Used For in The Last Stand: Aftermath?

The Last Stand: Aftermath Batteries are probably the second most important item in the game (with Antiviral being the most important item as it keeps you alive). Batteries are used for four things in the game:

  1. Opening Up Antiviral Containers
  2. Opening Up Supply Drops
  3. Opening Up Weapon Crates and Medical Crates in H.E.R.C. Stations
  4. Activating Radios (Except after you've taken the "Radio Jack" Knowledge Upgrade)

While Antiviral is indeed important, you can't get Antiviral most of the time unless you have Batteries on hand. You can always find a good use for them, whether you're sending Supplies back home or simply restocking ammo.

Where to Find The Last Stand: Aftermath Batteries - Crafting

How to Craft Batteries in The Last Stand: Aftermath

You can Craft The Last Stand: Aftermath Batteries by going to a Workbench and using the following Crafting recipe:

  • 1 Scrap
  • 1 Electronics

As with all other Crafting recipes, you will permanently unlock the recipe as soon as you craft it for the first time.

Do note that Batteries can be used to craft Beeper Bombs; however, they are much more useful for their core purpose in the game and I don't really recommend using them for these devices; there are plenty of destructive weapons that you can use to take on zombies instead.

Where to Find The Last Stand: Aftermath Batteries - H.E.R.C. Station

Where to Find The Last Stand: Aftermath Batteries

You can find The Last Stand: Aftermath Batteries in the following locations;

  • Loot from zombies
  • Loot from buildings
    • Blue boxes on walls and telephone poles seem to have a higher chance of spawning batteries.
  • Inside cars
    • Cars seem to have a higher chance of spawning batteries.
  • Purchasing them from the Merchant (at a cost of 20 Knowledge)
  • Crafting them
  • Taking a Volunteer who has Electronics in their default inventory and Crafting them

Take note of the Merchant -- I cannot recall a time when the Merchant didn't have at least one Battery for sale. You should always make an effort to stop by the Merchant when you can.

What Should I Use My Batteries For in The Last Stand: Aftermath?

You should use your Batteries in The Last Stand: Aftermath on these items (in order of priority):

  1. Antiviral
  2. Supply Caches
  3. Anything Else

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