The Last Stand: Aftermath A Sign By The Road Task Guide

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The Last Stand: Aftermath A Sign By The Road Task Guide - Key Art

Well, you've made it to Hell, but that doesn't mean that The Last Stand: Aftermath is done grinding your gears just yet. If you're struggling to figure out what is going on with the first task in your new hellhole, we're here to help. Our The Last Stand: Aftermath A Sign By The Road Task Guide will help you to get a handle on this insanely difficult task. 

The Last Stand: Aftermath A Sign By The Road Task Guide

As you move further into Hell, you'll be pulled into another detour. This time, you've found a signal on the side of the road. Listen to your radio operator witter for a few seconds, then get ready for action. You'll have to kill some evil skeleton zombies, then you'll see a fallen tree. Approach it very carefully, as there's an auto-turret on the other side. You can take it out with a single grenade, or a hell of a lot of small arms fire. Once you've taken it out, don't just hop over. There's a mine on the ground, so make sure you skirt around it if you want to live. 

Keep going and you'll hear more gunfire. Take out the zombies you meet along the way, and approach the infection trap carefully. These things can do an insane amount of infection damage to you, so if you're already pretty low on health it's going to wreck your day. Follow the path behind it to the left, and watch out for yet another one. Keep going and taking out zombies, then watch out for another mine ahead. 

As you keep on the path the shooting will get louder. Move carefully, and you should see a raised turret trying (and failing) to kill several zombie skeletons at a chainlink fence. You can take this thing out by shooting while crouched, but watch out as your bullets will definitely attract attention from other zeds in the area if you have no silencer. Also, don't get too closer. There is yet another one of those infection traps right on the corner and it's incredibly hard to see. (spoiler warning, if you die here, you have to start again) 

The Last Stand: Aftermath A Sign By The Road - Hard to See
The Worst part about this area is actually just how difficult it is to see these things. 

Another viable tactic is to sneak by once you've taken out the zeds but watch for mines along the way. Keep going around the edge of the fence to come across another combo of a mine and an infection trap. To skirt around the mine, you have to hit the infection trap and vise versa. Once you've made it past there, you'll have a big fight on your hands. Try to take out as many as you can before the flaming ones get close, and don't forget that there's the infection trap right next to you. Even with max resistance, these things do a lot of damage. 

Once you've cleared the area have a look around. You'll realize that this is where the transmission is coming from, and be told to start the generator. You should probably be able to guess what is about to happen. Gear up as best you can and prepare for the horde. Well, that's to say that you should probably be prepared anyway. At first, there's not really going to be a horde. Inside there are a fair few zombies to deal with, but way less than you normally have coming after you during these things. 

Kill as you make your way down the corridor, then open the door with the big lad on the left, carefully avoiding the scanner in the middle that sets of an alarm. You have to take this guy out 1 on 1 so use your normal dodge, stun, shoot, tactic and you should be fine. The room behind him contains a bunch more of those canisters from before. Oh, dear. Back into the main room and examine a book on the right table for your second bit of worrying info. 

The Last Stand: Aftermath A Sign By The Road - Cheese The Fight
It is totally possible to cheese this fight by hiding behind this box, though if he glitches up there then you're in major trouble.

Go to the opposite corridor and examine the test tubes for your final bit of info. Head back to the main area and report into the home base. That completes this hellscape of a mission. Now you've just got to get back to your car safely and get the hell out of there. If you're lucky, you can carefully pick your way across the top of the hills, just watch out for more traps and invisible walls. 

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