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The Last Stand: Aftermath Open The Gates Task Guide

Published: November 16, 2021 10:00 AM



So, you've finally made your way to the end of the first area in The Last Stand: Aftermath and have been treated by a big locked gate and an even bigger wall. If you're smacking your head against a brick wall trying to get out of the gate, then we've got the perfect thing for you. Our The Last Stand: Aftermath Open The Gates Task Guide will show you how to get those gates open pronto. 

The Last Stand: Aftermath Open The Gates Task Guide

First up, you'll be contacted by Radar who asks if you're at the wall, and then explains how to open the gates, even though he's probably not supposed to judging by the rest of the conversation. First up, make sure you're healed and fully loaded as well. You have to journey first to one side of the map, then the other, to turn on two different generators.


Before you head for either one, use the unbreakable parts of the chain fence to take out zombies safely. As long as you position yourself just right, they won't go out of their way to try and find an opening. 

Once you've either completely cleared the horde or just thinned it out a bit, go through the gate at the bottom of the left side, and walk all the way back up to the wall. Here you should loot everything you can and prepare for a fight. You have to activate a generator to power up the gate, then activate the mechanism. You'll be swarmed thanks to how noisy the generator is, but just keep firing and dodging and you should be okay.


If you find yourself struggling, remember that you can just flee through the chain fence and use it as a chokepoint to get some breathing room. 

The Last Stand: Aftermath Open The Gates Task Guide - Right Side
Use the maze-like nature of this area to your advantage when fighting a horde. 

With that done, basically, go to the other side and do it again. This time things are probably a bit more complex on the right side, as the fence is much more like a maze. Use it to your advantage to funnel the zombies around a bit. Other than that, it's exactly the same process. Once you've got the gate open, you can jump into your car and drive away as quickly as possible, assuming that you remembered to fuel and repair your car before you got started. 


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