The Last Stand: Aftermath A Grim Welcome Task Guide

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The Last Stand: Aftermath A Grim Welcome Task Guide - Key Art

Just because you've recently completed a mission doesn't mean that you're getting any respite. Our The Last Stand: Aftermath A Grim Welcome Task Guide will help you to make it through this harrowing ordeal without feeling the need to smash your screen, controller, or anything else you happen to have nearby. 

The Last Stand: Aftermath A Grim Welcome Task Guide

Now that you’ve made it out of the mountains, things are going to get even more...interesting. You’ll pull up at a barricade looking like something straight out of Beyond Thunderdome. After calling home to let them know you’ve figured out where that weird voice was coming from, you’ll need to find a way beyond this wall. Head to the left from your car. You’ll probably come across a few groups of zeds to take out, but you’ll also come across a makeshift bridge conveniently leading across the river right next to a hole in the fence.

Once inside, you need to open the gate to let your car through, but the hand crank to open the gate is actually missing.

The Last Stand: Aftermath A Grim Welcome - Cheese Method
If you want an easy way out of this challenge, you can use bad pathing and a hole in the fence to get breathing room.

Head north, watching out for any suspicious bubbling patches in the water that could hide a submerged zombie. You’ll see a chain-linked fence with a locked gate. This is where the hand crank is.

Before opening it, take out some of the nearby zeds, preferably with a silenced weapon. You may also want to go and grab some fuel from the nearby buildings and refuel your car, as otherwise, you’ll have to do it under pressure from enemies. Once you’re ready, start turning the crank and prepare for the hordes to descend. You can luckily do the gate in stages, so the best strategy is to lift the gate as far as you can, then run back to the hole in the fence. It’s not one that the zeds can knockdown, so you can get some breathing room by forcing them to run all the way around to get you, but this only really works once the gate is open enough for the zeds to move through. 

If you get through it, get in your car and prepare to enjoy the ‘fun’ of the city.

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