The Last Stand: Aftermath The Radio Tower Task Guide

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The Last Stand: Aftermath The Radio Tower Task Guide - Key Art

By this stage, you're probably pretty familiar with The Last Stand: Aftermath and it's addiction to setting you grueling tasks at the end of gruelling areas. If you're struggling with escpaing from the second area, check out our The Last Stand: Aftermath The Radio Tower Task Guide to get ahead. 

The Last Stand: Aftermath The Radio Tower Task Guide

Finally, after being slightly teased about it earlier on, we have reached the radio tower at the end of the second area. This area is packed with zeds, including specials. What makes it so hard to survive is the fact that there’s a lot of different elevations, and unfortunately, your characters haven’t mastered the art of aiming upwards just yet. Head up the hill and make sure you clear out everything you meet on the way up, or you’ll regret it.

When you get to the gate, you’re going to need to activate the generator which will draw in a lot of zeds. They come at you from both directions and are almost exclusively made up of runners and leapers. You might need to start backing up down the hill if you want to survive.  

Once you’ve beaten the zeds, head further up the hill to discover a keycard reader. Up the stairs to the north, you’ll find a corpse with the keycard you need, as well as a bunch of zeds crowding around the door. Go back down the stairs and swipe the keycard. You’ll be given a bunch of stuff, including charges to get through the door. Of course, blowing up the door will also draw a buttload of zombies to you, so you better get ready for round 2. 

Once you plant the explosive, your safest bet is to leg it back down the hill, letting the fastest zombies chase you. You should be able to take some out as you run, then drop down the slight cliff to get back to your car. This should give you just enough time to reload your weapons. If you’re lucky and survive, you have a moment to heal and reload before trudging back up the hill to take out anything that’s still moving. 

The Last Stand: Aftermath The Radio Tower Task Guide - Generator Moment
You should know what's coming your way at this point.

Luckily, the generator you activated earlier does seem to attract zombies that aren’t actively chasing you, helping to break them up once again. Before you activate the final generator, make sure that you’ve explored everywhere and gathered all the resources. You’ll need every advantage you can get if you want to get through this.

There is usually stuff to craft another Molotov or two in some of the chests, and because they don’t have to wait before they explode, these are more useful in a situation where most of your enemies can run you down. Also, refuel your car before you do anything. That way, you have a chance of cheesing the final fight by activating the generator, then the tower, then driving away before you get murdered by a horde. 

Even if you’re not going to try and cheese it, then I would highly recommend activating the radio tower before the horde descends anyway. That way, even if you die you won’t have to complete the mission again to escape the second area.

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