The Last Stand: Aftermath Suspicious Signal Task Guide

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The Last Stand: Aftermath Suspicious Signal Task Guide - Key Art

If you're struggling to finish off The Last Stand: Aftermath thanks to some of the tasks in Hell, then we've got you covered. This is our The Last Stand: Aftermath Suspicious Signal Task Guide will help you to round out the game successfully. 

The Last Stand: Aftermath Suspicious Signal Task Guide

After going barely more than a baby step after your last jaunt through a blasted hellscape, you'll be called by Radar to do it all again because they think they've found the signal. Activate your concentration mode and you should see one or two arrows on the map. Head in that direction, taking out turrets and zeds as you go. Nothing here is quite as harrowing as the nighttime trip down minefield lane, occasionally punctuated by infection traps. Just keep your lights on and you should be fine.

Also, go steady whenever you hear gunshots. It's probably a turret. 

Eventually you'll come across the world's most obvious trap. Since you don't have a choice, activate the trap and cross your fingers that you've got enough stuff on your to get the job done. Activate the beacon in the center to have the obvious foreshadowing dumped down your throat and then cry as 4 shipping containers open to reveal a buttload of zombies. If you've got anything automatic on you you shouldn't have too much trouble. Just try to avoid being too close to anything on fire and you'll be okay.

The Last Stand: Aftermath Suspicious Signal Task Guide - Obvious Trap
Is it legit possible for this to look any more like a trap than it does right now? 

Watch out for the big lad as well. He's best taken care of with molotovs as they explode instantly rather than bombs that take a few seconds and can be hard to track. Once it's all over you're still not 100% clear, as you'll need to deal with the small army amassing at the gates while you've been fighting. Activate the keypad and take out the army and skeleton zombies that come running your way. It's a good opportunity for mines if you have any. 

Be careful on your way back to the car as the forest you've traveled through is still rife with enemies and turrets. Once you're safely back in your car, you're on the road again and nearing the end of your arduous journey. 

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