The Last Stand: Aftermath A Bridge Too Far Task Guide

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The Last Stand: Aftermath A Bridge Too Far Task Guide - Key Art

If you've come this far, then you're probably hoping for an easier time escaping the third area. Unfortunately, that's not how The Last Stand: Aftermath rolls. Luckily, our The Last Stand: Aftermath A Bridge Too Far Task Guide will show you the easiest way to get this task done and dusted without resulting in your bloody demise. 

The Last Stand: Aftermath A Bridge Too Far Task Guide

Finally, we’re approaching the end of the third area, and the true test of your skills will begin. Before we get there, we’re gonna have to deal with one of the most challenging tasks so far: the bridge crossing. First things first, find yourself some fuel on the bridge and make sure your car is ready to go as soon as possible. Next, you’ll have to make your way down the bridge taking on the zeds as you go. There’s not much of a chance for stealth here. 

You’re searching for the engine room, which is unfortunately on the other side of the bridge. Go down the nearby stairs and into the water. Watch out for bubbles that indicate underwater zeds, and make your way back along the length of the bridge. You should see another set of stairs just on the other side of the raised part of the bridge. This is the engine room. Clear any zeds from around the stairs, and head in. 

This is where it gets interesting folks. Loot anything you can and prepare yourself. Activate the generator, but don’t panic and leave too early. You also need to activate 3 switches while you’re here. Once you’re outside again, you’ll have a relatively modest wave of zombies heading your way. The best bet is to roll off the stairs and make for dry land. Gun down the swift runners, then use a melee weapon to stun-lock the big lad. Watch out for mines while you’re at it. 

The Last Stand: Aftermath A Bridge Too Far Task Guide - Escape
This is actually quite an exhilarating way to close out the the third area, even if it is a total nightmare on the nerves. 

Next head further along the bridge until you come to another set of stairs. Here you’ll have a decent-sized group of zeds to take out, including a few spitters. Fun. Once they’re done, follow the bridge from the top this time, and you’ll come to the bridge control room. As you can probably expect, it’s a hell of a fight once you activate the bridge mechanism, so great up and make sure you have explosives ready to go. 

Luckily the horde this time around is mostly made up of the weaker runners, plus one or two big lads. You can use the nearby barricade to exploit their pathing, then let loose. The best method I’ve found is controlled bursts with a fully automatic weapon.

You don’t technically have to kill them all either. If you just last long enough for the bridge to come down, you can make a break for the care as long as you have good enough stamina for it.

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