The Last Stand: Aftermath The Warehouse Task Guide

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The Last Stand: Aftermath The Warehouse Task Guide - Key Art

The Last Stand: Aftermath tasks you with much more than just surviving the zombie apocalypse, you also have tasks to perform while you do it. If you're struggling, then our The Last Stand: Aftermath The Warehouse Task Guide will teach you exactly how to get this task finished without pulling your hair out in the process. 

The Last Stand: Aftermath The Warehouse Task Guide

As you make your way across the mountains area, you’ll be stopped again. This time, you’ve come across the warehouse that you discovered in the orders when you were infiltrating the military outpost from the previous stage of this mission. Once again, this is a big area and can be a bit taxing if you’re not well-equipped already. 

Much like the military base, you can get in by searching the fence for a hole to crawl under. Once you get through the external fence, you’ll find out that the warehouse is a blazing inferno, and obviously the folks back at The End aren’t too happy about it. So you get stuck with the job of putting the fire out. Yay. 

So, you should find that the main entrance is clogged up with zeds. Not too many to take out, but probably a waste of time. Head for the side of the building. You should find a smaller area with fewer zombies. Take these out or run past them, and you can enter the maintenance entrance beneath the warehouse. There’s a fair few zeds to deal with down here, but some of them should be sealed inside of a wire-fence cage.

Deal with the zeds with whatever you have on hand, and you should then fully explore the area. With any luck, you should be able to find some great supplies down here. For example, on my run there was a new shotgun in the first cage I checked, making the rest of the zombies much easier and quicker to deal with. 

The Last Stand: Aftermath The Warehouse Task Guide - Clear Area
It's much safer for you to clear the area outside first, before you activate the fire impression system. 

Once you’re done scavenging, go ahead and turn on the generator. If you haven’t killed everyone in the basement yet, then you’re about to be swamped by them. Once dealt with, you can find the fire suppression system in the basement. It’s a little box on the wall, and once activated, it’ll put out the raging inferno above you. 

When you leave the basement you’ll finally need to deal with the zeds who are clogging up the entranceway. Be careful here. There’s a high chance of special zombies and they can really change your chances if you don’t see them before they see you. This is especially true of the swarm itself, as those jumpy fuckers can be hiding in there where you straight up can’t see them. You need to be extra careful, as if you die here you’ll have to redo the entire section again from the beginning.

A good plan is to take out the zombies before clearing the fire, that way you don’t have to waste your time on the fire suppression system if you’re just going to die and have to do it again. Once you get inside, you’ll contact base and be told that you need to blow up the warehouse (sort of feels like a waste saving it now huh?) Search around the hopefully empty warehouse until you pick up 4 explosive charges. Then you place them around the fleshy mass in the center.

Now just a quick jog back to your car and enjoy the fireworks.

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