How to Destroy The Last Stand: Aftermath Turrets

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How To Destroy The Last Stand: Aftermath Turrets - cover

Are you wondering how to destroy The Last Stand: Aftermath Turrets? If you've been killed by these deadly devices one too many times, we've got the solution you need!

How Turrets Work in The Last Stand: Aftermath

The Last Stand: Aftermath Turrets work pretty much like you'd expect them to: they automatically target anything perceived as hostile and shoot at them. On the upside, this means that they will shoot zombies. On the downside, this means that they will also shoot you.

Turrets will automatically scan an area until they find something to shoot. Once they've locked on, they'll open fire. You really don't want to be their target; you can survive two or three shots at most (and even the first shot might be lethal if your health is low enough). Your only real options are either to bypass them or destroy them entirely.

How To Destroy The Last Stand Aftermath Turrets - IR Beacon
You can find a unique piece of in-game lore that suggests an "IR Beacon" will protect you from Turrets, but I haven't found one.

How to Destroy The Last Stand: Aftermath Turrets

As with most things in life, you can solve your Turret problem with high explosives. A well-aimed Grenade or a shot from an M79, M32, or RPG will instantly destroy the Turret as long as you get close enough.

Grenades aren't your only option, mind -- you can also just shoot them with any of your guns. However, it can be challenging to target the turrets placed on top of poles; it may be best to avoid going into areas covered with those if you can prevent it.

How To Destroy The Last Stand Aftermath Turrets - sneak

Can You Sneak Past Turrets in The Last Stand: Aftermath?

I've done a fair amount of testing on this front. It seems that you may be able to sneak past The Last Stand: Aftermath Turrets, but your only guarantee is if you stay out of their direct line of sight. If a Turret has the high ground on you, it may notice you.

I've attempted (and failed) at simply outrunning Turrets; you may get lucky, but you should consider this a last resort. I have also tried (and failed) to distract Turrets with Chemlights; they appear to ignore them entirely. Of course, Turrets can only shoot at one thing at a time -- your best bet at running past a Turret may be when there are other things around for it to shoot (that is, Zombies).

I should note that there is an in-game memo called "HRC-T10" which suggests that an "IR Beacon" will protect you from The Last Stand: Aftermath Turrets. Unfortunately, I have yet to discover a device like this in the game, either as loot or as a Crafting recipe. It may simply be lore text and nothing more.

Ultimately, the only surefire way of neutralizing Turrets is by destroying them. If you're not confident that you can take them out, it's best to leave that area and not risk losing your entire run due to a lucky shot from a Turret.

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