The Last Stand: Aftermath The Last Stand Task Guide

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The Last Stand: Aftermath The Last Stand Task Guide - Key Art

If you've just spent a fair few hours travelling across the endless zombie wasteland of The Last Stand: Aftermath, then you're probably on your final tether. Luckily, we've provided you with a little help in your darkest hour. This The Last Stand: Aftermath The Last Stand Task Guide will help you finally finish the game off. 

The Last Stand: Aftermath The Last Stand Task Guide 

Well, it's all come down to this. The final stop on your endless-feeling journey into damnation has arrived. First up, take out the zombies around you as quickly as possible. You've got work to do. Head to the right and follow the path up to a helipad filled with zeds. Take them out and keep moving upwards. Be very careful if you hear any whirring sound.

At the very top of the stairs are two ground-level turrets. Crouch down and shoot them a few times with your weapon to take them out. You should be able to use 'aim' to shoot the furthest one safely. Don't get overexcited and run straight inside. There are still mines everywhere after all. Once inside, don't go through the obvious scanner.

Smash the glass and walk through that to avoid setting off an alarm. Go over to the elevator and take it down. Stay crouched here and move slowly. There are plenty of traps inside, not to mention zeds everywhere. Either way, you should see a big door ahead of you that requires a keycard. 

To get it, head south and use the access pad to enter a room stocked with plenty of stuff. Take everything you want, including more Antiviral if you need it (and have batteries spare) then search the desk to find the keycard you need. You can explore the room on the opposite side if you need health items.

Once you're ready, head through the door and into the abyss. You can try the old 'punch the glass' technique here, but in all likelihood one of the nearby zombies will just trigger the alarm anyway. Go hog wild and take these boys out. Don't forget, you can duck back through the airlock-style door if you need a breather. Zombies can't use keypads. Clear t5he room and head north. There's a mine here so trigger it and dodge roll away or get ready to heal. You basically want to move systematically through this place, taking out zeds room by room. Luckily, the door system is down so you won't have a big horde to deal with yet. 

The Last Stand: Aftermath The Last Stand Task Guide - Final Room

At the end of the north fork, you'll come across a door system repair area. Fix this, then head to the south route and do the same. Head back to the central area and the door should now be working for you. Head down there and you'll be met by a crowd of zombies who are constantly setting off the alarm system and then becoming attracted to the alarm, setting it off again. A bit like a dog that is shocked by its own farts. 

Use the door to separate the big lad from his friends and take him out. Then, open the door and clear the rest. This will free you up to explore the facility a bit more. Keep heading forward until you come to the final room. Here you discover that, shockingly, the doctor was the bad guy. Never would have guessed. Finish letting him ramble then shoot him until he stops moving. He has a very standard dodge then attack boss fight without the health to back it up. 

Search his corpse, then his desk to get the parts of the Serum you need. Then go to the machine at the back of the room to mix it. Now radio home and let them know what's happened. After a brief convo head over to the machine at the back of the room and interact with it to have the worst feeling that you'll ever have had in your entire life

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