The Last Stand: Aftermath Strangest Things Task Guide

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The Last Stand: Aftermath Strangest Things Task Guide - Key Art

As you journey through the world of The Last Stand: Aftermath, you'll be presented with various tasks to complete by your friends back at The End. If you're struggling with your first take, Strangest Things, then this guide should help you to wrap your head around what you need to be doing. Read on to discover exactly how you complete The Last Stand: Aftermath Strangest Things. 

The Last Stand: Aftermath Strangest Things Task Guide

This task should trigger as you journey through the game's first area. You'll end up stopping in a random neighborhood, instead of in your desired location. Radar will contact you and ask you to inspect a weird noise coming from a nearby home.

The home should be north of you, but don't just go running in. There are various different zeds to deal with, not to mention a lot of traps. In particular, the shotgun traps will almost certainly kill you if you're not careful. Try luring the zombies to you with a loud noise from your gun or a bomb. 

The Last Stand: Aftermath Strangest Things - Indoors
Wasting your ammo to clear the device is pointless and will only make the rest of your run much harder. 

Once you've cleared the enemies and avoided the traps, you can enter the home. You should come face-to-face with a strange device. Radar will contact you again, and you'll be asked to clear the organic material off of the device. Melee it a few times, either with a weapon or you bear fists. This method takes a little bit of time, but it's much better than wasting a bunch of ammo on an inanimate object.

Once you've cleared it, you'll be prompted to report back into The End with what you found out. Report everything you can and that complete the mission.  

You'll be asked to head towards a signal that Radar is picking up, but that's going to have to wait until you've made your way out of the game's first area. Don't forget to collect as much loot as possible before you leave.

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