The Last Stand: Aftermath Intelligence Task Guide

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The Last Stand: Aftermath Intelligence Guide - Key Art

Throughout The Last Stand: Aftermath, you'll be confronted with various tasks to continue the plot. If you're struggling with your third mission, entitled Intelligence, then you need our The Last Stand: Aftermath Intelligence task guide. We'll talk you through exactly how and when you should do this mission. 

The Last Stand: Aftermath Intelligence Task Guide

Once you’re out of the first area and beyond the wall, you’ll be stopped on the way to one of your destinations when you come across an abandoned military base. Your job here is to get to the command building so you can acquire information about what has been going on outside of the Dead Zone. 

First up. This is going to require some Ammo if you want to survive, or at least some stealth skills and a lot of patience. These places are usually crawling with powerful infected, or at the very least those annoying ones who’re wearing armor. Conversely, it’s also a great opportunity to get weapon mods, ammo, and advanced hardware that you can’t get anywhere else. 

The Last Stand: Aftermath Intelligence Task Guide - Inside Base
Once you're inside, you should find plenty of loot as well as more information. 

The best way forward is to head around the side of the base. You should find part of the wall has fallen away here and you can get inside without having to face the horde at the gate. Once you’re inside you need two things: a generator, and a keycard. You should find the generator somewhere towards the back, and it can be bought on with a few swift kicks (just like everything else in the game), luckily this one won’t summon a horde either. Then, search in military-looking crates around the base. One of them will contain the keyboard you’re looking for. Once both the generator and the keycard are taken care of, you can proceed. 

You should find a gate with a glowing red spot on it. This is a keycard reader and the reason why we needed both power and a keycard in the first place. Once you’re through this gate you’ll need to break down another one to access the command center. Inside there will be 3 pieces of info you need to collect to complete the mission, as well as a supply drop to reward you for the journey here. 

Once you’ve collected the info you’ll automatically radio in to report it (despite the fact that you can’t radio in to report knowledge for some reason). Once you’ve discussed everything it’s your job to get the hell out of there, probably by the same way you came in unless something has gone horribly wrong.

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