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Image of Character Overlooking Cradle of Keepers Zone in Frozen Flame

When you first step into Frozen Flame, you're given a rather large island to start exploring named Cradle of Keepers. This island is the starting zone and offers some NPCs to interact with, quests to complete such as Help for the Cu, and a number of Rune Pillars and Rituals littered throughout the map to help you level up and increase your skills. We've spent a lot of time exploring, so if you're looking to do everything in the first zone - here's our Cradle of Keepers map guide!


Frozen Flame Cradle of Keepers Map - Full Map

Map of Cradle of Keepers With All Points of Interest Marked


Cradle of Keepers Points of Interest

There are many different things to interact with in the zone, be they NPCs or pillars and murals.

  • Murals (yellow): There are 5 murals to be found in this zone, unlocking them all grants you an item you can give to Chronos (complete main quest here) for a ring of your choice.
  • Pillars (light blue): There are 13 pillars for you to find and interact with, granting you a rune stone you can use to buy items from Dora (NPC very bottom left)
  • Rituals (green): There are 7 Rituals you can complete in Cradle of Keepers, which will grant you experience to level up a bit faster once completed!
  • Chests (white): There are 10 (large) chests on the map to open to collect coins to purchase things from different traders. There are also some smaller chests scattered throughout.
  • Tablets (Blue): There are more than 10 tablets for you to read, which provide some lore as well as one Flame Essence for each one, that can be used for crafting or to level up.


Cradle of Keepers Vendors

As you make your way across the map, you'll find a few traders in Cradle of Keepers, which can offer you items and blueprints to help you on your journey!


Hornhead (Near Starter Teleporter)

Hornhead offers two items for you to purchase:

  • Wooden Torch Blueprint - 120 Coins
  • Stone Battleaxe Blueprint - 200 Coins
  • Cloth Bandana Blueprint - 80 Coins 


Dora (Directly Southwest of Portal)

Dora is an archaeologist and will take Rune Stones you acquire from the Pillars in exchange for different gear and items. She sells:

  • Torch Blueprint - 3 Rune Stones
  • Hovel Blueprint - 3 Rune Stones
  • Wooden Sign Blueprint - 3 Rune Stones 
  • Wooden Wall Blueprint - 3 Rune Stones 
  • Wooden Gate Blueprint - 3 Rune Stones 
  • Wooden Spikes Blueprint - 3 Rune Stones 


Cu (Southeast of Starting area, near river)

Cu is a creature that really likes cooked fish foods, and will trade you items in exchange for them. They sell:

  • Fabric x3 - 1 Roasted Fish 
  • Magic Seed x3 - 1 Roasted Meat
  • Flint x5 - 1 Roasted Insect Meat

Wrapping up Cradle of Keepers

Cradle of Keepers is a fairly easy zone to explore, compared to Broken Valley which you're headed to next! One recommendation is to complete the core quest and complete pillars and rituals as you go, and then once you've unlocked flying, come back to mop up anything you missed. It becomes MUCH easier to explore if you do that!

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