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Image of Character Overlooking The Broken Valley in Frozen Flame

Frozen Flame is an expansive new survival game that will have you exploring a number of different regions as you seek to make your way toward a final confrontation with the Faceless One. Broken Valley is the second zone, and is home to a number of floating islands and unique NPCs that you'll help and trade with. If you're looking for some help with this area, our Broken Valley Map guide has you covered!

One thing that's worth noting is that while all of the islands are the same, this region is randomly generated with each save file, so those island locations will be different for each player.

Frozen Flame Broken Valley Map - Full Map

Full Sized Frozen Flame Broken Valley Map

This map is from the Early Access launch version and includes the following:

  • Mural Locations
  • Pillar (Rune Stone) Locations
  • Ritual Locations
  • Chest Locations
  • Tablet Locations
  • Elite Enemy Locations and Their Required Materials to Summon

We're going to go a bit deeper, and we'll break it down further by named and unnamed islands

  • Tip: To check the island names, hit "R" while you're in the map to hide all icons and show the names of the islands.

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Broken Valley - Green Tag Island Map

Map of Green Tag Island In Frozen Flame Broken Valley With Locations of Nibblers Circled

Green Tag Island is where you'll initially spawn into Broken Valley. It's a fairly simple island with some jump pads and enemies to fight who drop some of the higher-level resources.

Where To Get Nibbler Leather in Frozen Flame's Broken Valley

You can get Nibbler Leather at the smaller islands directly next to Green Tag Island; this is required to unlock Flying. You can also find Nibblers on several other islands in the area. If you're a fan of Cooking, you can instead buy Nibbler Leather from Cu on his small island near Gold Island. We've highlighted their locations on the map above!

Where to Get Large Boar Hide in Frozen Flame's Broken Valley

You can get Large Boar Hide from the large boars on Green Tag Island. Bear in mind that only the big Boars will give you Large Boar Hide. If you prefer to buy it instead, you can purchase it in exchange for some Cooked Food from Cu on his small island near Gold Island.

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Broken Valley - Heartbreak Island Map

Image of Hearbreak Island in Frozen Flame Broken Valley With Key Locations Noted

Heartbreak Island is the "main" island you'll be running back and forth to for the main quest, and for the portal itself. It has most of the resources you'll need, including boar and nibbler leather, and is the best place to build a base in the zone due to the resources as well as the teleporter that's able to be used. One of the first Elite Enemies to unlock the Portal and fight the Titan, is found on the SouthWest side, too!

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Broken Valley - Fallen Pilgrims Island Map

Fallen Pilgrim Island Map From Broken Valley In Frozen Flame

This is one of the larger islands you can explore, and contains a large chest with coins inside, as well as one of the 6 murals for the area and a Titan you can talk to on the west side. If you're looking to complete Chronos' request to deliver him 3 cursed instruments, you'll find the Poison Boar on the east side!

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Broken Valley - Merchants Island Map

Image of Merchants Island Map from Frozen Flame Broken Valley With Key Locations Marked

Merchants Island doesn't have a whole lot to it - there's a mural (1 of 6) that's able to be viewed, a chest in the house for the Coins for a Flute quest, and then two NPCs to chat with, one of which gives you some items. This island is great for boar meat and there are 2 Large Boars that drop Large Boar Hide too!

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Broken Valley - Copper Island Map

Map of Copper Island from Broken Valley in Frozen Flame With Notes

Copper Island is fairly limited in what it has, but there are a few Boars available to stock up on Large Boar Hides. Inside the building, you'll find the Treasure Hunter for the "Coins for a Flute" Quest, and in the middle of the island, you'll find a gate you can open (there's a button on the opposite side of the canyon) that leads to one of the Elite Enemies that you'll need to defeat to get 1 of the 4 items needed to open the portal.

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Broken Valley - Island of Flame Battle, Kitash and Hermit's Island Maps

    Broken Valley - Island of Flame Battle, Kitash and Hermit's Island Maps

    Now that we're getting to some of the smaller islands, I'm going to group them up. Note that these may not be exact as the map is procedural!

    • Hermit's Island - You'll find Woodhead here, and it's where you can buy the Energy Potion Blueprint as well as Health and Stamina potions. There's also one of the six murals, 3 tablets, and a chest!
    • Kitash - Fairly small/simple island, contains a pillar for a rune stone, a chest, and a tablet!
    • Island of Flame Battle - This has a quest for a Clay Golem who looks like the archaeologist you meet in Cradle of Flame, and he's got a quest that will have you fighting your way to the chest. There's also a fountain here to fill up your Water Vessels that can be used for Cooking, and summoning!

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    Broken Valley - Skelle and Ramey Island Maps + 2 Unnamed

    Cluster of Broken Valley Islands That Include Ramey and Skelle Island

    This little cluster will keep you busy for a bit - Skelle Island has Skelle on it, who has a quick quest that gets you one of the three cursed instruments. Ramey, has one of the Elite Enemies to fight so you can unlock the portal over at Heartbreak Island!

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    Broken Valley - Island of Peace, Gold Island, and Final Elite Enemy Island!

    Group of Islands For Broken Valley With Gold Island Island of Peace and Cu Island

    We're starting to run out of islands to zoom in on, so we'll finish up with these 3 key islands. Gold Island is the location of one of the Cursed Coins, and there's a smaller island that will house the final Elite Enemy to unlock the portal over on Heartbreak Island! You'll also see another Cu on the island on the right side of the map, who will give you the "Secret Meanings" quest and open up trading for higher-level resources!

    Where is Bonehead's Boar?

    If you're looking to complete the quest that you started with Bonehead back at Sanctuary, you'll want to head over to the Island of Peace shown in the top left corner of the above map. You'll find him in a cage, and once you talk to him, he'll curse you to smell like a Boar -- sending you right back to Bonehead.

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    Broken Valley Vendors

    There's a handful of traders in Broken Valley that you can purchase items from for various costs:


    You meet Hornhead on Green Tag Island when you first spawn into Broken Valley, and he'll sell you:

    • Iron Ore x1 - 120 Coins
    • Rawhide Helmet Blueprint - 200 Coins
    • Cursed Warrior's Mask - 500 Coins
    • Bone Torch Blueprint - 350 Coins
    • Bone Battleaxe Blueprint - 500 Coins


    You'll find Woodhead on Hermit's Island, and he sells:

    • Health Potion - 150 Coins
    • Stamina Potion - 150 Coins
    • Energy Potion Blueprint - 500 Coins


    Much like the Cradle of Keepers map, there's a Cu who will trade with you on an unnamed island and has a quest called "Secret Meanings" that you can complete as well! He likes specific cooking dishes in exchange for higher-level resources:

    • Fragrant Salt x5 - 1 Beetle Broth 
    • Ancient Bones x5 - 1 Fish Soup
    • Large Boar Hide x5 - 1 Hearty Chowder 
    • Nibbler Leather x5 - 1 Mushroom Chowder 

    Wrapping Up The Broken Valley Map

    While we didn't hit every Island, you can view the Full Size Broken Valley Map above to get a feel for what you may be missing as you explore this region. This is a pretty expansive place and while flying is easy, you have to really time your flights and preserve stamina by using some of the drafts that restore it so you don't fall to your death.

    Hopefully this guide helped you find what you may have been looking for, and if it did, check out more guides below!

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