How to Make Coins in Frozen Flame

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Are you wondering how to make Coins in Frozen Flame? Our guide will tell you how to make money and the best way to earn Coins!

What Are Coins Used for in Frozen Flame?

As you might expect, Coins are used to purchase items from merchants in Frozen Flame. A handful of Crafting Blueprints and Weapons and Armor Blueprints can only be purchased from merchants, so you'll need to save up some money to get them.

It is critically important that you do not waste your Coins on items that you could get in another way. You can only get certain Blueprints and items by buying them from merchants, but you can get many other goods sold by merchants such as by brewing Potions or killing enemies.

How to Make Coins in Frozen Flame

Here's how to make Coins in Frozen Flame:

  1. Defeat certain enemies
  2. Open Chests (first time only)
  3. Defeat minibosses and bosses
  4. Complete Quests

Can You Sell Items in Frozen Flame?

No, you cannot sell items in Frozen Flame. The only way to earn Coins is by looting them through normal gameplay.

How to Make Coins in Frozen Flame - Best Way to Make Coins

Best Way to Make Coins Fast in Frozen Flame

The best way to make Coins in Frozen Flame is by completing Quests, defeating Minibosses, and opening Chests. Chests, in particular, can give you a fair amount of Coins.

Unfortunately, Chests do not respawn -- that means that you cannot farm Chest encounters for income like you might expect. Minibosses and bosses do respawn, but these can be challenging fights that take a fair amount of time.

If you're looking for a renewable source of Coins, I would strongly recommend the ruins near Diodorus. The Chests don't respawn, but the pots do respawn. Between the pots, the enemies, and the boss fight against Ironbound, you should make around 90-100 Coins every run. You can then wait for the ruins to respawn, or you can simply exit the game and restart to force the ruins to respawn instantly.

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