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Frozen Flame Magic Essence Farming Guide

November 17, 2022 8:38 AM

By: Robert N. Adams


Our Frozen Flame Magic Essence Guide will tell you what Magic Essence is, how to Farm it, and how to get the Magic Seeds you need to Farm it!

What is Magic Essence in Frozen Flame?

Magic Essence is an item in Frozen Flame that primarily serves two functions. It's used for Crafting and it's also used to Repair Items.




This particular class of item may seem unimportant at first; after all, you only really need it for one early-game Quest. After that, you'll typically only use it to repair rarer Weapons and Armor that you may get from Chests. However, the things you can Craft with the higher-tier Magic Essence are rather valuable indeed.

How Frozen Flame Magic Essence Farming Works

Frozen Flame Magic Essence Farming is fairly simple, at least in terms of typical Farming mechanics. All you need to do is place a Planter, interact with it, and then insert the correct ingredients to make the desired Magic Essence.



Every Magic Essence Recipe requires 1 Magic Seed. The higher-tier Recipes will also require a second ingredient such as Flint or Iron Ore. The Magic Essence is otherwise useless on its own -- you need to use it to Craft or Repair something to get something of value out of your creation.

Take note: much like Potion brewing, it takes time for the Magic Essence to grow. Plan accordingly, and consider building multiple Planters to speed up production.



How to Get Magic Seeds in Frozen Flame

There are three ways to get Magic Seeds in Frozen Flame:

  1. Kill Bubbles
  2. Harvest the purple-leafed plants
  3. Purchase it from a merchant

Magic Essence is fairly abundant and easy enough to get if you know where to look. Don't waste your Coins on buying it!

Frozen Flame Magic Essence Farming Guide - Magic Essence Recipe List

Frozen Flame Magic Essence Recipe List

Flame Essence


  • Crafting Recipe - 1 Magic Seed
  • Growth Time - 0:30

Solid Essence

  • Crafting Recipe - 1 Magic Seed, 3 Flint
  • Growth Time - 1:30

Astral Essence

  • Crafting Recipe - 1 Magic Seed, 1 Iron Ore
  • Growth Time - 3:00

Crystal Essence

  • Crafting Recipe - 1 Magic Seed, 3 Heavenly Crystal
  • Growth Time - 5:00

We're all done with the Frozen Flame Magic Essence Farming Guide. Check out our other guides below!


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