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How to Fly in Frozen Flame

November 17, 2022 8:38 AM

By: Robert N. Adams


In this guide, we'll tell you how to Fly in Frozen Flame and tell you what you need to do in order to unlock the ability to Fly!

How to Unlock Flying in Frozen Flame

You don't start Frozen Flame with the ability to Fly, sadly. You're going to have to unlock it by completing a particular Quest, and that Quest won't be available until you're a few hours into the game.




Here's how to unlock Flying:

  1. Progress through the main storyline and defeat the first boss.
  2. Take the Portal to the Broken Valley.
  3. Speak with Hornhead to get the Quest "Help the Hornhead."  Hornhead requests that you build a Stone Workbench and make him a Bone Pickaxe.
  4. Look around the immediate area for a small island floating nearby.
  5. Use Branches to build a bridge of Makeshift Floors to reach the island. A Nibbler will spawn on the island; kill it and collect a piece of Nibbler Leather.
  6. Return to Hornhead. He'll instruct you to collect Flint. You can find Flint in the large rocks back in Cradle of Keepers.
  7. Craft a Stone Workbench and place it. Then, Craft a Bone Pickaxe.
  8. Give the Bone Pickaxe to Hornhead. He'll give you a Bird Toy.
  9. Use the Bird Toy on the nearby Bird Statue and you'll unlock the ability to Fly!
How to Fly in Frozen Flame - How to Unlock Flying Low Stamina
You'll start to glide toward the ground when you run out of Stamina. Try to make sure you're above solid ground or near a Thermal.

How to Fly in Frozen Flame


Now that you've unlocked Flying, it's time to teach you how to Fly in Frozen Flame.



You can activate Flying simply by jumping twice. You'll transform into an ethereal bird and soar up into the sky. You can return to human form by tapping the jump button twice or by touching the ground. Make sure not to transform too high in the air -- fall damage is very much a thing in this game and you can die if you drop out of the air too high!

You can Fly in any direction, but your Stamina is drained while you're Flying. When your Stamina reaches zero, you'll automatically start to descend toward the ground.


How to Fly in Frozen Flame - Thermals
The light blue columns you see in the sky can be used to boost you higher and recharge your Stamina, allowing you to Fly longer.

The Broken Valley requires you to fly between multiple islands, and unfortunately, falling down into the abyss will also kill you. There's a saving grace in the skies, though: thermals.

Thermals are the flowing columns of air that you can see in the void in-between islands. These Thermals won't just boost you up into the air -- they'll restore your Stamina to full, allowing you to survive the long journey to some of the farther islands. Make sure to plan your flight paths carefully so you don't drop out of the sky!

You've learned how to Fly in Frozen Flame, but there's plenty more to explore -- take a look at our other guides below!

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