How to Get a Backpack in Frozen Flame

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If you want to know how to Get a Backpack in Frozen Flame, you're in the right place -- this guide tells you the fastest way to increase your Carry Weight!

What Does the Backpack Do in Frozen Flame?

The Backpack is an incredibly useful item in Frozen Flame. It allows you to increase your max Carry Weight by 50, allowing you to carry 25% more stuff before you become overencumbered. When you're playing a game where you have to loot a lot of stuff, that can prove to be a powerful benefit.

Currently, the only Backpack in the game is the Woven Backpack. Hoarders (such as myself) are always looking for ways to carry more stuff, and this item is a key component to making the most out of your resource harvesting and adventuring.

How to Get a Backpack in Frozen Flame - Purchase from Dora
You can buy a Woven Backpack from Dora, but it's not the best use of your Rune Stones.

How to Get a Backpack in Frozen Flame Fast

The fastest way to get a Backpack in Frozen Flame is to buy it from Dora for 10 Rune Stones. Dora can be found in a little stall north of the ruins by her brother Diodorus. However, I strongly recommend that you do not take this option.

Here's why: Rune Stones are a limited currency in Frozen Flame. There are only so many Rune Stones to go around and it costs 10 of them to get the Woven Backpack. Dora has other items which you might want to purchase instead, and spending the Rune Stones on a Woven Backpack can make that difficult.

How to Get a Backpack in Frozen Flame - Rune Stone
You can acquire Rune Stones (the currency) by interacting with Rune Stones (the object). They look like this.

If you have a little patience, you can Craft a Backpack instead. This has the benefit of saving your precious Rune Stones, but there's a downside -- you'll have to wait until you've defeated the first boss before you can do it.

Here's what you need to Craft a Backpack:

  • 10 Fabric
  • 5 Large Boar Hide
  • 5 Nibbler Leather

Fabric is easy enough to get -- you acquire it by killing Cursed in Cradle of Keepers. Large Boar Hide and Nibbler Leather, however, are only available in Broken Valley. You'll need the ability to Fly to get it quickly, too, as there are very few opportunities to get these items from Boars and Nibblers on the starting island.

Still, it's a good idea to have a bit of patience. You can defeat the first boss and make your way into the second area in only a few hours, but you'll never be able to get those Rune Stones back if you spend them on something you could Craft instead.

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