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Frozen Flame Ice Elemental Boss Fight Guide

November 17, 2022 8:38 AM

By: Robert N. Adams


This guide will tell you how to unlock the Frozen Flame Ice Elemental boss fight and how to survive your battle against this icy monstrosity.

How to Unlock the Frozen Flame Ice Elemental Boss Fight

Before you get started with the Frozen Flame Ice Elemental Boss Fight, it's a good idea to have the following items:




Here's how to unlock the Frozen Flame Ice Elemental Boss Fight:

  1. Complete the early game Quest for Hornhead as outlined in our Starter Guide.
  2. Travel to the Portal as instructed and meet Bonehead. Accept his Mask and walk up the stairs to the Portal. Once you approach the Portal, three beams of light will appear marking your next locations.
  3. An altar is at each of the three marked locations. Sacrifice the indicated item -- either the Fried Meat, 5 Noble Mushrooms, or the Solid Essence -- and a miniboss will spawn with some lackeys. Fight the minibosses from range using either your Wooden Staff or Wooden Bow, and try not to get hit -- these guys hit hard.
  4. Defeat all three minibosses.
  5. Take their masks back to the Portal and place them on the pedestal, along with the mask that Bonehead gave you. The Portal will open and you can go into the boss fight at your leisure.

Once you've completed all of those steps, you'll have the four Masks you need to open the Portal to the Ice Elemental Before you go in, make sure you have a Wooden Staff and full Health. Bring some Healing Potions if you have them, too.



Be forewarned: once you enter the Portal, there is no escape! You'll either defeat the Ice Elemental or you'll die trying.

Frozen Flame Ice Elemental Boss Fight Guide - Boss Fight
Keep moving, keep moving.

How to Beat the Ice Elemental in Frozen Flame

The Ice Elemental is your first real boss fight in Frozen Flame. On the upside, the Ice Elemental is dumb as a box of hammers. On the downside, he hits like a truck and you're in a very confined space. Note that you won't be fighting just the Ice Elemental, either -- he has a couple of flunkies following him around.



First, start moving either left or right around the outer edges of the arena. You want to keep moving and maintain a healthy distance away from the boss.

Your next step is to eliminate the Ice Elemental's minion. They don't hit quite as hard as the boss, but they can still do a fair amount of damage. Fortunately, they're much weaker. Use your Wooden Staff to kill them with damage over time, making sure to conserve Stamina for dodges if you need them.

Finally, there's the Ice Elemental himself. Maintain a good distance and keep moving sideways along the wall, firing off blasts from your Wooden Staff as you go. You'll be able to whittle down his health to 0 in a couple of minutes at most, and you should be able to avoid taking much damage, too.

We've reached the end of our Frozen Flame Ice Elemental Boss Fight Guide. You can learn more about the game by checking out our other guides below!


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