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Cu in Broken Valley Next To A Player Character

If you explored the Cradle of Keepers map before coming to Broken Valley, you probably completed the quest Help for Cu Quest, which had you deciphering their language to bring them some tasty dishes. The Secret Meanings quest is no different, and will have you bringing the Cu you'll find on an unnamed island in Broken Valley two special items in exchange for some smaller rewards.

Location of Cu in Broken Valley

If you're looking to complete this quest and haven't found the Cu yet, you'll find them on this unnamed island (full Broken Valley map):

Image of an Island in Broken Valley Where You Can find the Cu NPC

Head up to the top of this mountain to speak with them, and start the quest.

Deciphering Secret Meanings' Words

Now, the Cu have their own language, which while your character is special - you won't understand. Thankfully, we've translated Secret Meanings' words for you below so you don't have to find the meanings yourself!

  • Mi-Go means Fetch
  • Has'tur Means "Energy Potion"
  • Ghatanothoa means "Healing Potion"

Should you want to find the meanings yourself, there are 3 different tablets scattered around this island as well - which you'll find if you complete the nearby Ritual challenge. Each one deciphers each of the above words, which was how we got them! One thing to note, you may already have a healing potion, but if you don't have an Energy Potion, you can purchase the blueprint from Woodhead OR sometimes the small chest on the island contains one!

Secret Meanings Rewards

The rewards for this quest are fairly simple - you'll get coins (22 for me) as well as a Big Flame Essence you can use to get a bit more experience to level up with. Not to mention, you'll have found the one trader in Broken Valley that sells you resources that are an absolute pain to farm!


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