Frozen Flame Roadmap Promises Plenty Of Content

Frozen Flame has just launched today alongside a roadmap that promises four major updates over the next three months.

Published: November 17, 2022 10:54 AM /


Frozen Flame roadmap image shows a player leaping toward an enemy with his axe ready to chop down.

Frozen Flame, an open-world indie action RPG, has just released on Steam's Early Access program for $25.49. There's also a Frozen Flame roadmap that elaborates upon what fans can expect for the highly anticipated title over the next three months, with highlights including events, biomes, bosses, weapons, and much more. 

One of the more intriguing additions is coming in late December as part of Update 2. It's a new biome called Dragon's Grove, which will also offer Chapter 2 of the main campaign along with iron weapons and armor, stone buildings, field bosses, and new NPCs, quests, and trade items.

Serge Korolev, founder of Dreamside Interactive, had this to say about Dragon's Grove and other upcoming Frozen Flame updates:

Dragon’s Grove showcases another layer of the development team’s aim to provide Frozen Flame players with a constantly engaging gameplay experience that keeps them on their toes. And each new biome will provide new quests, enemies, crafting stations and equipment, considerably expanding the game. We’re pairing bespoke gameplay mechanics and unique resources with each major update in order to bring another layer of freshness. We also want to know what players love or don’t love as we continue to evolve throughout Early Access.

Frozen Heart Roadmap image shows what players can expect going into February 2023.
There's a lot being added to Frozen Flame over the next few months.

As you can see in the Frozen Flame roadmap, there's a lot of content that fans can expect in the coming months. The first update, which is coming in a few weeks, is a Christmas-themed update that also offers balance, localization, and gamepad control polishing. The second and third updates will offer new bosses and places to see, along with musical instruments that you should be able to use to annoy other players.

Other features that are coming in the future include a survival mode, mounts, new player abilities, and two new biomes. These are the Ghostwoods (accompanied by Chapter 3) and the Ice Citadel, which will host the game's final boss. The boss's name is called Faceless, which sounds like an appropriately daunting name for your most powerful foe.

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