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Our Frozen Flame guides will teach you what you need to know to make the most of your adventure in the magical land of Arcana! Below, you'll find a list of all of our Frozen Flame guides, as well as a starter guide to help you in your early steps of the game, and an FAQ!


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Frozen Flame Guides - Guide Hub - Starter Guide

Frozen Flame Starter Guide

Let's get this Frozen Flame Starter Guide kicked off! Your adventure begins in a mystical realm set in the stars. You're in the form of a skeleton warrior, and you have to fight your way toward a gigantic door.

These early fights are easy enough -- follow the tutorial and you should reach the door in short order. Step through and you'll get into the game proper!

Creating Your Character

Character creation in Frozen Flame is entirely about appearance. There are no stats or anything like that to figure out -- you'll take care of that stuff once you've actually entered the world.

Select your sex and other cosmetic features like your hairstyle, hair color, eye color, and skin tone. Once you're satisfied with the look of your character, hit accept and you'll immediately be deposited into the world.

Frozen Flame Guides - Guide Hub - Starter Guide - Meeting Hornhead

Help the Hornhead

A few short steps away, you'll find a gigantic man wearing a horned mask. This is Hornhead, and he needs your help -- vile entities known as "Cursed" have ransacked his camp.

There are two options here. The first option is to grab some Branches and Stones from the area nearby, Craft a Stone Axe, and charge into the camp. I think it's better to be prepared, though, so let's set up a proper home first.

Frozen Flame Guides - Guide Hub - Starter Guide - First Steps for Building
You won't be able to carry all of the materials you'll need to Build your first home, so start by building a 2x2 platform of Makeshift Foundations and place a couple of Wooden Crates on them to store everything you've gathered.

Setting up a Home

Frozen Flame's Building system has a decay factor -- uncovered Workbenches and the like will slowly take damage over time until they're eventually destroyed. The only way to protect them is to put them under a roof, and that means you're going to have to Build a house.

We're not going to go too crazy here -- we want a small shelter that has just enough room for the basics. Here's what you're going to need to gather:

  • 30 Logs
  • 150 Branches
  • 50 Fiber
  • 20 Stone
  • 3 Luminous Apples
  • 3 Sugar Boarberry
  • 1 Magic Seed

You can find some Branches on the ground, but it's easier to chop down the many Trees in the area (which will also get you Logs). Fiber can be grabbed from specific bushes, and you can get Luminous Apples and Sugar Boarberries from their respective plants. Stone can be found on the ground, and larger amounts can be found near larger rocks and cliff faces.

Frozen Flame Guides - Guide Hub - Starter Guide - Gathering Materials
Top row: You can get Wood and Branches by chopping down Trees, Fiber by harvesting the white-tipped plants, and Stones and Branches on the ground. Bottom row: You'll also want to harvest Luminous Apples (left) and Sugar Boarberry (right); both can be found near the starting area.

As for the Magic Seed, you'll have to kill at least one of those adorable blue bubble creatures to get one. You only need the one, though, so there's no need to go on a rampage.

You won't be able to carry all of this stuff at the same time due to Weight limits, so we're going to set up your home in stages. I recommend Building your home in the area in-between Hornhead and the Teleport where you came in since this is relatively safe from enemies.

Press "Q" to bring up the Building menu, select "Basic," and place four Makeshift Foundations in a square. Then, go into the Crafting menu in your inventory and build 3 Wooden Crates on the floor. After that, build a Workbench. Don't worry too much about placing them perfectly just yet -- you can pick these items up and move them later.

Open up the Workbench and repair your Axe if needed. It only costs 1 Branch, so it's better to keep it in tip-top shape while you're running around felling Trees. Then, deposit everything except your Stone Axe and continue hunting for materials. You will likely need to cross over the river to find what you need, but that's okay -- that's where you'll find Sugar Boarberries.

Here's what you want in your house:

  • 1 Workbench
  • 1 Bonfire
  • 1 Straw Bed
  • 3 Wooden Crate

You're also going to want to Craft the following equipment:

  • 1 Stone Club or 1 Stone Sword
  • 1 Stone Pickaxe
  • 1 Wooden Bow
  • 1 Wooden Staff

Finally, you'll want to Cook 1 Apple and 1 Sugar Boarberry on the Bonfire. This will make a Fruit Pie that will give you bonus Health and a small amount of Health Regeneration.

Frozen Flame Guides - Guide Hub - Starter Guide - Finished Hut
Your completed hut should have enough room for a Bonfire, three Wooden Crates, a Straw Bed, and a Workbench.

Your finished house should have four walls and a roof, a door, and all of the above-listed furniture inside. This tiny hut will be enough to keep you going for the early portion of the game, so you can focus on completing Quests and leveling up your character.

Once everything is done, eat the Fruit Pie, dump everything except your Weapons into your Wooden Crates, and head towards your objective.

Charging into Battle

Now that you're properly armed, it's time to take on your first real batch of enemies. Head to the glowing yellow beam of light and get ready for a fight.

If you've decided to build a hut first, it may already be nighttime. That brings two challenges. The first is Hypothermia -- this debuff appears at nighttime (or in cold areas) and will slowly fill up. Once the icon is full, you will start to lose health. The only way to combat it is to stay warm, usually by standing near a source of heat like a Bonfire.

The second challenge is those adorable little blue bubbles that you've seen floating around. Once it gets dark, they turn pink and become hostile. Take your time killing them as you approach the camp -- you don't want to be shot in the butt when you're trying to fight the Cursed.

Frozen Flame Guides - Guide Hub - Starter Guide - Fighting the Cursed

Head into the camp and you'll fight one melee Cursed and one ranged Cursed. You should be able to win this battle easily enough, but don't be dismayed if you lose; Frozen Flame can be pretty unforgiving at times, especially in melee combat. Dust yourself off and try again.

With the Cursed defeated, you can now open the chest and loot their bodies. You'll get some Hornhead's Backpack, some Coins, some Fabric, and some Luminous Apples. Return to Hornhead.

Returning to Hornhead

Hornhead will ask you to make him a Fruit Dessert. If you haven't already done it, now's the time to set up a camp -- scroll back up to "Setting Up a Home" to see how to do that.

Open up your Bonfire and place a single Luminous Apple inside. Take the resulting Fruit Dessert over to Hornhead and speak with him to complete the quest.

Frozen Flame Guides - Guide Hub - Starter Guide - Unlocking Skills

Igniting the Flame

By now, you'll likely have accumulated some Flame and leveled up. Flame is Frozen Flame's equivalent of XP. Every level will grant you a single Frozen Flame which can be used to unlock Skills.

The first Skill you'll unlock is Hero's Ancestry -- this gives you the ability to build up Combat Energy and unleash it in a devastating attack on your enemies. You'll be able to unlock more Skills as you level up in the game; check out our Skills Guide for advice as to what you should unlock first.

Getting Flint

Our final objective in this Frozen Flame Starter Guide is to get Flint for Hornhead. Fortunately, there's a deposit near where you've started your adventure:

Frozen Flame Guides - Guide Hub - Starter Guide - Getting Flint

Use your Stone Pickaxe on the rock to get the Flint. Then, give it to Hornhead. He'll give you a Magic Seed and his thanks in return, sending you off to find your old friend Bonehead. You're already on the path to fighting your first boss!

Continuing Your Adventure

This is the end of our Frozen Flame Starter Guide. You've learned the basics of Crafting, combat, Building, and Cooking, but there's plenty more to explore in the game as you work your way toward the first boss fight. Check out our other guides to learn more!

Frozen Flame Guides - Guide Hub - FAQ

Frozen Flame F.A.Q.

What is Frozen Flame?

Frozen Flame is a survival RPG set in the world of Arcana, a shattered land composed of floating islands. You and your friends will tackle the forces of evil led by Faceless, a dark force that has conquered the Ice Citadel.

Is Frozen Flame Multiplayer?

Yes, Frozen Flame supports multiplayer. Online co-op and PVP are supported with a server-based system that supports up to 50 players according to a developer.

Where is the Frozen Flame Save File?

The Frozen Flame save file is located in:


Where "USERNAME" is your Windows 10 username.

What Happens When You Die in Frozen Flame?

If you die in Frozen Flame, you will drop any accumulated Flame (experience) and your armor will take some durability damage. You can recover the lost Flame by returning to where you died.

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