Witch's Hammer Guide | How To Break Magic Barriers in Frozen Flame

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Frozen Flame Magic Barrier

As you traverse the Dragons Grove in Frozen Flame, you will surely come across these magic barrier doorways that shock you if you try to enter and throw you backward away from the entrance. You can see through these barriers, so you can easily see the loot waiting inside that you cannot reach. Luckily, we figured out how to speak with the spirits, and be granted access to these magical doorways. 

This Witch's Hammer guide will discuss how to break magic barriers in Frozen Flame so you may gain entry and snag your loot. 

Screenshot of Julia the NPC in Frozen Flame, Witch's Hammer Guide

Witch's Hammer Quest in Frozen Flame 

There is an NPC named Julia, located around coordinates X: - 138754, Y: 57514, which is the island located to the far Eastern side of the map. Note that maps are randomly generated, so this may not be the exact location of Julia for you.

This island is floating a bit higher up than the others and has a fountain almost directly next to the NPC, Julia, that you are looking for. Once you find her, she will give you the quest called The Witch's Hammer, which tells you to speak to the statue located on the island to obtain a special medallion. 

Screenshot of the statue to speak with for the medallion, Frozen Flame guide

After you speak to the statue, you will return back to Julia's location where to the right you see a large building. Go into the building, run through the magic barrier, and immediately make a left. Note that this area is poisoned, so you will be taking poison damage the entire time you are inside this building. Though it does not do a massive amount of damage, some poison resist food might help if you're playing solo.

There will be a staircase for you to go up. Take the staircase, and run to the back. There will be a break in the wall where you will see the boss, Great Smasher. Jump down into the room the boss is located in, and defeat him. Once he is killed, the chest nearby him will unlock, and inside will be a random gear/weapon reward and the Witch's Hammer to bring back to Julia. 

Bring the quest item back to the NPC, and she will allow you to keep the Consecrated Ghost Medallion, which now makes it possible for the wearer to contact the spirits of the ancestors, and get into areas that are affected "by the curse". Now, whenever you see one of those magic barriers, you may safely pass through to reach the loot or quests inside! 

Magic Barrier Locations in Frozen Flame 

Here is a list of all of the magic barrier locations we have found thus far, and what is behind them:

Mithril Ore

Underneath HornHead's hut (for us the coordinates were X: -148941, Y: 10828)

Quest from The Tablet

Located inside the Library. Run into the Library, and before the set of stairs in the middle take a right into the doorway. Turn right again within the doorway, and under the stairs, to the left-hand side, there will be the magic barrier with a quest inside. This quest rewards you with a Book of Chronos once complete. The tablet will ask you to bring it a torch (this can be any torch including the Metal Torch you are given at the beginning of the update) or one you create yourself. 

After that, the tablet asks you to kill four ghosts that can be found inside the library. They are everywhere, so this part is easy. Once you kill the ghosts, the tablet asks for 1 Energy Potion and 1 Stamina Potion. After you bring the tablet these potions, you will be given a Book of Chronos. 

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