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In this Frozen Flame Potions Guide, we'll tell you how Potions work, how to Craft them, and how you can get the all-important Water Vessel.

How Frozen Flame Potions Work

Frozen Flame Potions can be used to save you from the brink of death or give you an extra burst of energy in a critical fight. As with some games, Potions have a short cooldown, preventing you from spamming them again and again.

You'll find a handful of Potions in Cradle of Keepers, but you should do your best to avoid using them whenever possible -- you won't be able to actually Craft Potions until you've reached Broken Valley, the second area in the game.

How to Get Potions in Frozen Flame

There are three ways to get Potions in Frozen Flame:

  1. Craft them with a Cauldron.
  2. Find them in Chests.
  3. Purchase them from merchants.

Unfortunately, Chests do not respawn as of Early Access v0., so you can't rely on them to continually supply you with Potions for the future. Don't waste your hard-earned Coins on purchasing them, either -- your best bet is to Craft Potions with a Cauldron.

How to Unlock the Cauldron in Frozen Flame

You can unlock the Cauldron in Frozen Flame once you've acquired Solid Essence and Iron Ore. Solid Essence can be acquired through Magic Essence Farming. Iron Ore is in the Broken Valley, and that means you won't be able to get to it until you've defeated the first boss.

How to Get Water Vessel in Frozen Flame

There are two ways to get the Water Vessel item in Frozen Flame:

  1. Craft them at the Workbench.
  2. Purchase them from merchants.

As usual, it is much easier to Craft a Water Vessel than it is to purchase one. All you need is one piece of Nibbler Leather and one piece of Fiber. Unfortunately, Nibblers can only be found in the Broken Valley, so you'll have to defeat the first boss before you'll be able to get this item.

The Fiber and Nibbler Leather will make an Empty Waterskin. You then have to travel to a Fountain in Broken Valley and fill up the Empty Waterskin; this will produce a Water Vessel. Water Vessels are consumed when you Craft a Potion or when you use them in Cooking. It's a good idea to Craft multiple Empty Waterskins and fill them all up in one trip.

Frozen Flame Potions Guide - List of Potions

Frozen Flame Potions Recipe List

Health Potion

  • Unlocked By - Default
  • Crafting Recipe - 1 Water Vessel, 3 Sugar Boarberry, 1 Poisonous Ink Mushroom
  • Effect - Rapidly restores your Health to maximum. Does not restore Temporary HP granted by Cooked Foods.

Stamina Potion

  • Unlocked By - Default
  • Crafting Recipe - 1 Water Vessel, 3 Sugar Boarberry Leaves, 1 Summer Tree Beetle
  • Effect - Increases your Stamina Regeneration by 50 for a short time, rapidly regenerating your Stamina.

Energy Potion

  • Unlocked By - Purchased from Woodhead on Hermit's Island for 500 Coins
  • Crafting Recipe - 
  • Effect - Immediately fills your Combat Energy meter

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