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Our Frozen Flame Titan Boss Fight Guide tells you how to unlock the Broken Valley boss and how to survive your battle against this big unfriendly giant.

How to Unlock the Frozen Flame Titan Boss Fight

The Frozen Flame Titan Boss Fight is a little tougher than the Ice Golem, so you'll want to make sure you're adequately prepared. You'll want to gather the following items before you begin your journey:

Once you have all of the necessary items, here's how to unlock the Frozen Flame Titan Boss Fight:

  1. Complete the Quest "Help the Hornhead" to unlock Flight
  2. Continue to progress until you're tasked with opening the second Portal
  3. Go to each of the four miniboss locations in the Broken Valley. Sacrifice the indicated item -- either the 3 Water Vessels, 3 Skewer with Insects, 1 Crystal Essence, or 1 Astral Essence -- to summon the minibosses.
  4. Defeat the minibosses.
    • The Arosfen miniboss (where you sacrifice the 3 Skewer with Insects) is particularly challenging due to the close quarters. Use the Bone Staff to do damage over time and focus on timing your dodges correctly. Make sure you have at least 5-6 Healing Potions to heal yourself if you take a hit!
  5. Take all four books to the Portal and open it. You're now able to enter it and start the Titan boss fight whenever you're ready.

The Titan is a somewhat paradoxical boss fight -- it's easy in some respects and difficult in others. You'll definitely need to be equipped for ranged combat, so make sure you have a Bone Bow with you. And make sure you have some Healing Potions, too, just in case.

As with the Ice Golem fight, there's no escape other than victory or death once you go through the portal. Be prepared!

Frozen Flame Titan Boss Fight Guide - Boss Fight

How to Beat the Titan in Frozen Flame

The Titan is a boss fight like nothing you've ever seen before in Frozen Flame. Unlike previous battles, the arena is absolutely massive. The reason why will quickly become clear.

As the boss's name implies, the Titan is huge. Adding to your pain is the fact that there are a couple dozen Cursed on the walls, so you're much safer staying in the arena. Fortunately, you have a lot of advantages on your side.

The Titan is slow. You can easily outrun him without sprinting, so you don't have to worry too much about taking damage from him. However, the Titan will occasionally spawn crystals that shoot a yellow beam at you. This can burn down your health quickly, but it takes some time for the beam to "heat up" and actually start doing damage to you. So, you can outrun this damage, too. Hilariously, these crystal beams can also damage the Titan if you force him into the path of the beam, although it won't do much damage.

Focus on destroying these crystals with your Bone Bow as they pop up. When they're gone, your next target is the blue crystals all over the Titan's body. One or two hits will cause them to crack, and a subsequent one or two hits will cause them to break and take out a huge chunk of the Titan's health. Continue to destroy the blue crystals on the Titan's body until he's defeated. That's it!

That's the end of our Frozen Flame Titan Boss Fight Guide. Have a gander at our other guides below!

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