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Early on in Frozen Flame, you'll spend some time exploring Cradle of Keepers as you complete the main quest to open the portal. On the east side of the map you'll find a Cu, which is kind of like a mix between a lizard and a dog, who wants 3 items for the Help for Cu quest. We've got them translated for you, as well as the rewards you'll get for completing the quest!

Location of Cu in Cradle of Keepers

If you haven't found this Cu yet, you can find them here on the eastern side of the river inside a grouping of rocks.

Image of the Frozen Flame Location of Cu in Cradle of Keepers

Deciphering Help for the Cu Words

The Cu have their own language, which you won't understand. If you're looking for the direct translation of what the Cu is looking for, we've got them here, and you can find the cooking recipes here too!

  • Mi-Go - "Fetch"
  • Insect Kebab
  • Fish in Beetle Sauce
  • Baked Insects

If you'd like to discover them yourself - check out our Cradle of Keepers Map guide, which will show you every tablet location so you can discover the words (and get some flame essence) yourself!

Help for the Cu Rewards

The rewards for this quest are fairly simple, once you've given the Cu the 3 foods they're looking for - they'll give you a Flame Essence to use in crafting or just to consume for additional experience! This quest is fairly easy and will have you creating some potentially new foods to complete it, so it's worth doing either way!

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