Cult of the Lamb Followers Guide

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Cult of the Lamb Followers Guide

In Cult of the Lamb, Followers are the resource that keeps your heathen-slaying adventure going. They're integral to improving your main hub location, churning out resources for you to craft items with, and farming Faith so that you can upgrade your weapons and abilities. As such, you'll need to know everything you can about how Followers work, where you can find them and how to keep them as happy as possible to prevent dissention in your ranks. That's why we've constructed this Cult of the Lamb Followers guide.

Cult of the Lamb Followers Guide - How to Get Followers

Shortly after you begin Cult of the Lamb, Followers are introduced as the game's core mechanic. It'll be up to you to gather them and indoctrinate them into your cult, utilizing their Faith to make yourself stronger and keep your hub location churning out resources. While the first few will be given to you via the tutorial, the rest will need to be rescued or obtained from various other methods.

The first of these methods is to rescue them from the game's different zones. You'll know a Follower is available for rescue when the zone map depicts a person kneeling as one of its potential areas you can explore. Once in this area, you'll need to either defeat the enemies trying to sacrifice them or purchase their freedom from Helob, the spider NPC who will appear in areas from time to time with different Followers for sale. Helob will also appear near the gates to the game's different zones after you defeat the first of the five main bosses. 

Followers can also be obtained by beating the Mini Bosses that are fought before reaching a zone's main boss. Each Mini Boss you defeat will become a follower after they're defeated, and can be indoctrinated whenever you wish at your hub location.

Finally, you can obtain new Followers via quests you take on for your current followers. Though not as common, this method is a quick and easy way to increase your cult's numbers while also earning faith and loyalty from your existing flock. However, it should be noted that this usually comes with drawbacks such as debuffs to these followers, sickness being brought in via these new additions, and immediate attempts to convert others away from your cult.

Cult of the Lamb Followers Guide Helob Selling Follower
Helob will have Followers for sale both inside Zones and outside the entrances to the righthand Zone doors.

Cult of the Lamb Followers Guide - How to Keep Followers Happy

It's worth noting, however, that you'll also need to keep your followers happy in Cult of the Lamb.

This is done by keeping them healthy, well-fed and faithful in your cult. The game walks you through most of these mechanics, but there are key strategies you can use to make the process as smooth as possible.

For starters, keep a steady supply of food handy by always planting seeds and harvesting food. You can get seeds by attacking plants while crusading through different zones, or by opening treasure chests in certain rooms marked with the food icon. Likewise, after you've beaten the second boss, an NPC will appear who sells seeds at a low price. Once you have the necessary seeds, plant them in a farming plot and nurture them until they're ready for harvest. You can then use them at a cooking station and make as many meals as possible so that no single Follower starts to bring down the whole group's hunger rating.

If you ever run low on Seeds, you can also use the Feast Ritual from the main Church building. This can be unlocked early on in the Faith skill trees, and will instantly put your Followers' food meter at full.

To maintain their health, keep the hub location clean. This means unlocking the Outhouse and Janitorial Station as quickly as possible via the Divine Inspiration menu, which you access after accruing Divine Inspiration points from your followers worshiping you. If you don't have these unlocked yet, do regular sweeps of the Farm and clean up any poop or vomit you find.

You'll also need to bury corpses as quickly as possible. To do this, make the Body Pit one of the first things you unlock for crafting with Divine Inspiration. Once it's unlocked, make sure you have at least three open for use at any given time. This is because even if you take care of all your flock perfectly in Cult of the Lamb, Followers will still die of old age. Giving them a proper burial when this occurs will ensure their corpse doesn't make anyone else sick and keeps the rest of your followers happy knowing they won't be left to rot where they fell once they die.

Cult of the Lamb Followers Guide - How to Keep Followers Devoted and Faithful

Finally, you'll need to keep your Followers faithful to your cult. Failing to do so can lead to Followers doubting you and attempting to convince others to leave your cult.

To prevent this,  you'll need to do what's listed above in addition to holding Sermons and conducting Rituals that benefit your Cult of the Lamb Followers. You'll want to conduct one Ritual per day, and it should be one that's mainly beneficial to your Followers such as a Feast, Day of Rest, or Ascension. This will keep them faithful with as little work from you as possible.

However, if you're in a particularly rough spot with preventing an uprising, you can also target specific unhappy Followers and drive up their Faith. This is done by Issuing a command to them and then selecting any of the options that are meant to make them happy. These include giving them gifts, petting them if they're dogs, kissing them if they're your spouse or simply praising them for their service. When done enough, any of these will put their faith back at 100 percent.

Cult of the Lamb Followers Guide Lamb Interacting with Follower
By regularly interacting with Followers, you can keep their Devotion up and prevent dissention in your ranks.

Cult of the Lamb Followers Guide - How to Use Followers

Once you've got plenty of happy Followers to work with in Cult of the Lamb, you'll need to know how to put them to good use.

In general, there are five key uses for Followers: Devotion farming, Faith farming, food farming, resource harvesting and crafting. Most of these are fairly self-explanatory in why you'd want your followers to produce them. Food keeps your followers fed, Resources allow you to craft structures, crafting creates those structures, Devotion unlocks more structures for you to build, and Faith allows you to make yourself stronger.

Most of these are simple enough to carry out too. By speaking to a Follower and issuing them Work commands, you can assign them to a specific task. For example, if you wanted a Follower to focus on farming food, you'd assign them to a farming plot. If you wanted them to farm Devotion, you'd assign them to pray at the statue found at the center of your hub location.

They'll typically stick to these tasks too, save for if the building they need to use for their work collapses. Fortunately, this can be avoided by upgrading logging and mining buildings regularly

The only one of these core uses that's a little different is Faith farming. This can only be done via the Sermon menu, and isn't as automatic as other Follower functions. You'll need to actively return to your Farm and hold Sermons once per day in order to gain faith from your followers. After that, you'll need to wait until the next day to hold another Sermon. There's no quick way to get around this either, so you'll have to learn to deal with it.

Cult of the Lamb Followers Guide - How Follower Traits Work

Cult of the Lamb Followers Guide Cult Traits Screen
In addition to the traits Followers automatically come with, you'll also be able to grant them traits via Doctrines which are typically positive.

Past that, it's also worth noting that some of your Cult of the Lamb Followers will be better or worse than their compatriots before you do anything with them whatsoever.

This is due to Follower Traits, which act as buffs and debuffs your Followers carry at any given time. These are usually permanent, and can impact factors like how quickly they can harvest resources, how likely they are to dissent and lose faith in you, and how often they can become sick or hungry from their living conditions.

Those who join your flock will tend to have an even mix of positive and negative traits, though the Followers you find will see progressively better traits the further into the game you get. Positive traits can also be purchased with Faith levels you earn as you hold Sermons, erasing negative traits and making it easier to keep your Followers happy. 

In general though, you'll want to find followers whose negative traits don't affect Faith and instead impact resource harvesting speed or crafting speed. This will minimize the amount of work you'll need to put into dealing with dissenters, and the slower crafting and harvesting can be offset by assigning multiple Followers to a task at once. They'll then be further boosted by the positive traits you unlock, making them as optimized as possible for keeping your cult running smoothly.

Cult of the Lamb Followers Guide - How to Customize Followers

Finally, it's worth pointing out that you can customize your Cult of the Lamb followers.

This is done when you indoctrinate a new follower into your cult, and can't be skipped over. After choosing to indoctrinate them, you'll be tasked with selecting their animal type, their color and even their name. New forms can be unlocked from treasure chest drops and several shops in the game too, with the shops resembling tents filled with money. They're typically inexpensive, and shouldn't cost more than 20 Gold or so.

However, it is worth noting that you can't re-customize a cult member once they're indoctrinated. After this point, they'll be set as whatever you customized them to. As such, you'll need to find new cult members to indoctrinate if you'd like to create a Follower with a different name or skin.

Cult of the Lamb Followers Guide Follower Skins Shop
The Follower Skins shops looks a bit like a tents filled with gold. They'll typically have a few skins for sale at a low price.

Hopefully this Cult of the Lamb Followers guide helps you make the most of your growing flock. For more on the full experience provided by Cult of the Lamb, check out our review. We've also got plenty of other guides for you to peruse, including ones on how to craft, how to farm and what the best weapons are:


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