Cult of the Lamb Curses Guide

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Cult of the Lamb Curses Guide

In Massive Monster's Cult of the Lamb, Curses can be your ace in the hole during tricky battles. They can nail enemies from a distance, stun them long enough for you to create some space, or grant you invincibility so that you can bum-rush a threat and spam some attacks in their face. Or at least, they can be if you know how to use them and which ones are worth your time. That's why we're here to help with a Cult of the Lamb Curses guide, breaking down how they work and the cream of the crop among the game's many options.

Cult of the Lamb Curses Guide - How to Unlock and Use Curses

Early on in Cult of the Lamb, Curses will be introduced to you as your secondary form of attacking enemies.

Like weapons, they'll be given to you at specific points in the game; namely, at the start of a Zone run, at the weapon vending NPC's shop and as a reward for clearing a particularly deadly room. You won't be able to choose which Curse you start with, and the new Curses you find during runs will likewise be random.

Cult of the Lamb Curses Guide Curses Available for Use
Curses will appear at certain points in a zone the same way weapons do, and are similarly randomized in which ones appear.

Curses can be used so long as you have the energy required to fire them off, referred to as Fervour. This energy can be gained by killing enemies, and the cost of Curses can be reduced by finding the proper Tarot Cards.

Curses themselves have a few key types: Basic projectiles, homing projectiles, lobbed explosives, aimable shockwaves, multi-directional shockwaves and AOE attacks in your immediate vicinity. 

Likewise, Curses come with a variety of different additional effects. Some can cause lingering damage to enemies in a fixed area, while others can grant you temporary invincibility against melee attacks, ranged attacks or both. These different curses are unlocked by gaining Faith and selecting upgrades from the skill tree accessed by giving Sermons to your Followers. Three new Curses are unlocked per upgrade, and are added into the potential mix of abilities you can choose from at the aforementioned points in a run.

Regardless, they're all used the same way. While in combat, hold down the Triangle button on a PlayStation controller or the Y Button on an Xbox controller. This will trigger the Curse and fire it off once the button is released. You can hold down the button to increase the attack's effectiveness and range.

Cult of the Lamb Curses Guide Weapon Vendor Offering Curses
The weapon vending NPC will also offer Curses in his wares. They'll never come at a cost and are typically high level.

Cult of the Lamb Curses Guide - What the Best Curses Are

With all this in mind, some Cult of the Lamb Curses are better than others.

In particular, the homing attacks and lobbed explosives are the best of the best. The homing attacks are great for spreading out damage and hitting a wide swath of enemies all at once, while also being outstanding at ripping through a single enemy's health quickly. The lobbed explosives, meanwhile, can decimate enemies in one quick blast. They also typically leave a puddle of poison or other continuous effect debuffs for other enemies to wander into. Both of these are perfect for the primary boss fights, which see the bosses summon smaller enemies to try and distract or team up on you.

Following these types are the AOE blasts and multidirectional attacks. Both are ideal for crowd control and can keep enemies from cornering you when your health is low. Bolstering these variants even more is the Divine effect they usually carry, which can grant you invincibility after the attack goes off and allow you to get away from an enemy pincer attack unscathed. 

As for the rest, they're all perfectly viable options if they're all you can find. However, their damage potential will lag pretty far behind the better Curses as you get into the latter portion of the game, making it integral for you to choose the Curses mentioned above to streamline your experience.

Hopefully this Cult of the Lamb Curses guide provides you with everything you need to know. For more on the game, check out our full review. We've also got plenty of other guides for you to check out, including ones on how to get every Tarot Card, how to keep your Followers happy and what the best weapons are.

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