Cult of the Lamb Captivates 1 Million Players In Its First Week

Published: August 18, 2022 1:16 PM /


Cult of the Lamb Screenshot in-game of the Lamb kneeling before the four Heretics to be sacrificed in a ring covered by a pentagram, crying and awaiting his assumed fate.

Bow to the King of all Lambs, as Cult of the Lamb has reached over 1 million players within its first week. The roguelike took the world by storm in just a few short days after release, and there are several reasons why the game has become a huge success for the developers.

The Success of Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb has done so many things right over the last week. The game's concept is not only strong but engaging. You will begin your journey as a frightened little lamb that is on its way to be sacrificed by the four Heretics who run the over-world. As you walk down the path to meet your grisly demise, you are told that this is the only way to keep their power flowing freely through the lands. As you get your head chopped off by the executioner, a bright light greets you. The One Who Waits, which is basically the Devil from what we can see, tells you that your story is not finished, and you must build a cult in his honor in order to free him from his chains.

Cult of the Lamb ingame screenshot of the Lamb recieving the Crown that features an all seeing eye in its center. from the one who waits, which is surrounded by a bright red light

While the game has some horrific undertones, it is very lighthearted and somewhat cute. You not only hack and slash enemies in the Old Faith dungeons, you also have to tend to your plot of land, just as you would in a game like Dinkum or Stardew ValleyYou will need to cook meals for your followers, and ensure they are bowing down to worship the ground you walk on in order to keep them plump -- we mean satisfied -- and devoted.

With so many moving parts, Cult of the Lamb can get a little overwhelming at times, but the game is just so well made with its storylines and combat mechanics, you can easily get lost in it for hours on end. It is no shock that the game became so overwhelmingly popular, as the premise is not only funny but immersive. You get to name your Cult and decide whether or not you want to be a heartless and unforgiving leader or a sweet and careful one that takes care of their followers.

The developers at Massive Monster took to Twitter to announce and celebrate this huge milestone, stating, 

"The Lamb has blessed 1 MILLION players in our first week! We are eternally grateful for your devotion and our team is committed to improving the game with tweaks, fixes and free major content updates. This is only the beginning as there's so much room for this Cult to grow!"

They state that there will be major content updates in the future, meaning this game could be in it to win it for a long time to come. Hopefully, the updates are just as engaging and fun as the standard game is so far, and we cannot see what's in store for Cult of the Lamb in the years to come. The game is available on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch as of right now for you to go try your hand at building the c. 


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