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Cult of the Lamb Crafting Guide Lamb in Front of Followers

When it comes to Cult of the Lamb's farming sim mechanics, knowing how to craft new structures quickly and efficiently is a must. You'll constantly need to build bigger and better facilities for your Followers to sleep in, work at and otherwise keep your cult functioning with. This is easier said than done though, as the crafting mechanics are deceptive in their depth. That's why we've constructed this Cult of the Lamb crafting guide to help you along in this endeavor.

Cult of the Lamb Crafting Guide - How to Craft Structures

To start, it's worth noting that there are a few different ways to craft items in Massive Monster's Cult of the Lamb.

The majority of items can be crafted using the workbench that is automatically placed in your hub location at the start of the game. This is where you'll create everything from structures and facilities to decorations and walkways, using the available resources and Gold in your inventory to do so. Bear in mind that you won't be able to craft a given item unless you have all the necessary crafting materials and funds in your possession, so make sure this is the case before attempting to make anything.

Once you have the necessary resources, all you need to do to craft items at this location is interact with the workbench, select the structure you wish to build, choose an open plot of land in your hub area and place the structure. You can then go to the area where you placed the building and interact with the red diamonds there to create the structure. Your Followers will join in if they're close enough, or if the structure is related to their work assignment.

Cult of the Lamb Crafting Guide Lamb Next to Workbench and Refineries
The Workbench will be marked by a sign with a hammer. The refineries look like a sacrificial alter with two telephone poles on either side.

How to Make Better Resources

The other method for Cult of the Lamb crafting that you need to be aware of is creating better resources via Refineries. These are unlocked as you progress further into the game, and require Followers to transform the resources you leave at a given Refinery into better and more valuable materials.

To use them, build a Refinery as you would any other structure by selecting it from the Workbench's crafting menu. Once it's built, interact with it and choose which materials you want to improve. In general, each primary resource can be improved by one tier. Logs, for example, can be turned into wooden planks, while iron chunks can be refined into metal ingots. Gold Nuggets, meanwhile, are the sole outlier. They can be refined into Gold, and Gold can then be refined into Gold Bars.

Select whichever resource you'd like to improve and fill one of the Refinery's available slots with it. After you've filled as many slots as you'd like, assign a Follower to the Refine Materials task via the Work option in their dialogue wheel. From there, all you'll need to do is wait a few minutes for the materials to be improved and then interact with the chest in front of the Refinery. Doing so will add the refined materials to your inventory, which can then be used to create better structures at your Workbench.

How to Unlock New Items for Crafting

It's also worth knowing how to unlock more structures and items to build for your Cult of the lamb crafting endeavors.

Most all of them can be unlocked either by collecting Blueprints or unlocking them via the Divine Inspiration menu. For the former, simply explore the game's Zones and open any treasure chest you find. These will drop Blueprints for new items on occasion and will usually unlock new decorations and paths for you to create. Blueprints can also be bought from merchants throughout the areas outside your main hub location, though it's worth mentioning that their cost can add up fast.

For the latter, it works much the same way as anything else tied to the Divine Inspiration skill tree. Once you generate enough Devotion, a Divine Inspiration point will be unlocked. You can then use the point on any available structure Blueprint, which can then be accessed at your Workbench to craft it.

To generate Devotion quickly, there are two key strategies. One is to have as many Followers as possible pray at your central statue. This will generate a steady stream of Devotion points and ensure you're regularly leveling up your Divine Inspiration. 

The other is to explore Zones while equipped with a Zealous weapon. These weapons have the added effect of generating Devotion for every point of Fervour you collect. Considering every enemy drops Fervour upon being killed, this can lead to multiple Divine Inspiration levels gained in a single run.

Cult of the Lamb Crafting Guide Divine Inspiration Building Skill Tree
Structures related to resource acquisition, farming, housing and other functions can all be unlocked from the Divine Inspiration skill tree.

How to Craft Quickly

Finally, it's worth pointing out that there are ways of speeding up your Cult of the Lamb crafting projects substantially.

Most all of these come from the Work and Worship Doctrines and Rituals. In addition to applying perks that increase the production speed of resources made by your followers, this Doctrine tree's rituals contain the Ritual called The Glory of Construction. Through it, you can instantly build any structure that hasn't been completely built. This can be a boon for creating new buildings and upgrading old ones in the blink of an eye.

Past that, it's best to assign Followers with good Work traits to resource mining and refining. Every Follower has traits they're assigned upon being indoctrinated into your cult, and said traits will stay with them until they die. As such, you'll want to make sure you recruit Followers with positive traits that speed up their work flow, marked by a blue arrow pointing upward.

Hopefully this all makes your Cult of the Lamb crafting a little less hectic. For more on the game, be sure to check out our full review. We've also got a plethora of other guides, all of which you can check out via our Cult of the Lamb guide hub.


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