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Last Update: August 11, 2022


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In Massive Monster's Cult of the Lamb, farming is integral to the longevity of your cult. It keeps your followers happy and flush with food, while also preventing the negative outcomes that come with a Follower succumbing to starvation. With that said though, the mechanics is far deeper than it appears, and you wouldn't be blamed if the sheer depth of it has you flustered. That's why we've constructed this Cult of the Lamb farming guide to walk you through everything you need to know about the gameplay mechanic.

Cult of the Lamb Farming - How to Farm Crops

Shortly after you begin playing Cult of the Lamb, farming will be explained through a series of tutorials. These will walk you through the basics of crafting farming plots, watering crops and applying fertilizer.


Most of this is fairly straight-forward. All you'll need to do is examine an empty farming plot with vegetable seeds in your inventory. This will open up a menu for you to select which seeds you want to plant, and you can then plant them in the plot. After that, you can interact with the plot two more times - once to water the plot and again to apply fertilizer to it if you have poop in your inventory. You'll then be able to check in on the Crop as it grows and apply more water as necessary.

However, the game won't explicitly lay out the best way to arrange farms and the facilities you'll want to invest in. To start, you'll want to lay out your farming plots close together and in a diamond pattern. This will ensure that they're in range of the different buildings and facilities which improve or protect crop yield like Harvest Totems and Scarecrows.

You'll also want to build facilities like a Farmer Station, Seed Silo, Outhouse, and Fertilizer Silo to assign Followers to farming tasks, provide a steady supply of seeds and fertilizer, and minimize the effort you have to put into farming yourself. Once these facilities are built, all you need to do is interact with any given follower, select the Work option from their dialogue wheel, and then assign them to the farming icon. Once you do this, they'll plant, water, fertilize and harvest crops so long as the necessary facilities are built.


Cult of the Lamb Farming Guide Farming Plot Layout
Properly laying out your farming plots will maximize their output and keep them safe from getting damaged.

Cult of the Lamb Farming - How to Unlock New Farming Facilities

To do the above though, you'll need to unlock as many farming facilities as possible. This is done through the Divine Inspiration skill tree, which is integral to your Cult of the Lamb farming endeavors.

In order to unlock farming facilities quickly, you'll need to have a decent portion of your Followers focused on Devotion and praying at your central statue. This will maintain a steady stream of Devotion points and help you earn new Divine Inspiration levels quickly. Devotion can also be earned by setting up graves for followers to mourn at with the Grieve the Fallen Doctrine, building top-tier living facilities for Followers to live in, and boosting your Followers' loyalty by interacting with them individually.

Devotion can also be farmed by using Zealous weapons during zone runs. These weapons will grant you Devotion points for every bit of Fervour you collect. Considering every enemy drops Fervour upon death, this can lead to several Divine Inspiration points being accrued in no time flat.


Once you have the necessary Divine Inspiration points, all you need to do is interact with your hub area's central statue and then select the facilities you want to unlock. All of the primary farming facilities will be on the right side of the skill tree, while other necessary facilities like Outhouses will be on the left.

Cult of the Lamb Farming Guide Farming Facilities Skill Tree Location
Every farming facility in the Divine Inspiration skill tree can be found on the right-hand side of the tree. They cost one Divine Inspiration point each to unlock.

Which Seeds You Should Farm in Cult of the Lamb

The next element that you need to take note of regarding Cult of the Lamb farming is which seeds provide the most bang for your buck.  


In general, the seeds you get from the more difficult areas will be worth more than those you get in earlier areas. Berries, for example, won't be as useful as Cauliflower in keeping your followers fed, and the dishes they can be used in will reflect this.

Likewise, planting too many seeds for non-edible plants will leave you flush with materials for trading to NPCs but without any food to feed to your followers. This can lead to hunger among your Followers, a loss of Faith in your cult and even dissention if the starvation persists.

To that end, you'll want to use roughly 80 percent of your farming plots for food. Plant top tier seeds like Cauliflower or Beetroot whenever possible, and then plant Pumpkin or Berry seeds if you run out. The remaining 20 percent of your plots can be used for cultivating non-edible crops like Mushrooms and Flowers. By doing this, you'll never run out of food and can still maintain a steady stream of materials for trading.

Cult of the Lamb Farming - How to Speed up Crop Growth

Finally, it's worth noting that you can speed up your Cult of the Lamb farming through the use of a specific ritual; namely, the Ritual of the Harvest.

Unlockable after reaching the third tier of the Sustenance Doctrine skill tree, this ritual causes any planted crops to immediately become harvestable. Not only that, but the skill can be used every two to three days before the faster Ritual cooldown Divine Inspiration skill is unlocked and every one to two days after the cooldown skill is unlocked. This makes the skill a must-have for any playthrough, and will help you maximize your crop output in no time flat.


Otherwise, the aforementioned Harvest Totems will speed up the growth of any crops in their vicinity. Though not as immediately beneficial as the Ritual of the Harvest, they're still vital for reducing the amount of time crops will require to grow and be harvested.

Hopefully this helps you make the most of your Cult of the Lamb farming activities. For more on the game, be sure to check out our full review. We've also got a wide variety of other guides for you to peruse, which can all be found through our Cult of the Lamb Guide Hub.

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