Cult of the Lamb Blood Moon Festival Update Available Now

Published: October 24, 2022 2:06 PM /


Screenshot of the Cult of the Lamb Blood Moon Festival update, where we see the followers gathered around the lamb performing a ritual

Fans cannot get enough of the most well-known lamb since Mary, and in the Cult of the Lamb Blood Moon Festival update, we see some spooky new content. Not only are new rituals and decor coming soon, but players will also be able to catch the ghosts of the deceased followers, bringing them back once more to praise the mighty Lamb!

This is the first-ever seasonal event to come to Cult of the Lamb, and since the game has taken on such a -- following -- in such a short amount of time, fans are more than ready for an update. Spooky season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate this wonderful Fall season than sacrifice ourselves to the Blood Moon? Just by participating in this Halloween event, players will be able to obtain three new follower forms; the Cursed Crow, the Skeletal Deer, and the Bat Demon. Wish you could create the perfect ambiance and setting for this momentous occasion? Good news! There are four new creepy decorations to enjoy and place wherever you so choose. 

Screenshot from the Cult of the Lamb Blood Moon Festival update, where we see the lamb bringing the ghost of a dead follower back to life

The event starts today, October 24, 2022, and ends on November 10, 2022. During this time, players will be able to unlock a brand-new ritual by harvesting pumpkins! This Blood Moon Ritual allows players to bring back followers who have ascended to the great beyond as ghastly ghouls that stalk the lands. 

Not only is Massive Monster celebrating this Cult of the Lamb event, but they are also celebrating their 8th birthday, where they state, 

"We also just celebrated our 8th Studio Birthday as Massive Monster! We started our game development journeys making flash games for web browsers and we can hardly believe that it would come this far. Whether you are familiar with our older games like The Adventure Pals or Never Give Up, or if you've only recently joined our Cult, thank you for supporting us along the way. Cult of the Lamb is just a few months old but there's much more to come for the Lamb and all of their loyal Followers!"

For those who have delved deep within the frightening realms of the Old Faith, they know just how fantastic Cult of the Lamb is, and how it captivates you almost instantly. The devs also state that they will be adding more seasonal updates with their own special content throughout the year. More so the company states that they are 100% listening to the feedback they have received thus far, making it known that they understand the dungeons lack depth. The team says they plan on working on this and more bug fixes, as their first major content update is officially in the works. They do say that development of this major update will take time, but that it will be completely free to the players, so it is well worth the wait.


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