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The Cult of the Lamb Anura bosses ramp up the difficulty compared to their predecessors, forcing you to embrace the game's many mechanics and examine each foe's patterns to come out victorious. Of course, this is much easier said then done, as taking note of each bosses patterns and attacks can be tricky when they're bearing down on you with their full demonic force. Fortunately, we've done the leg work for you and have all the answers you're looking for in this Cult of the Lamb Anura bosses guide.

Cult of the Lamb Anura Boss Tips

In terms of preparations you should make for the Cult of the Lamb Anura bosses, speed is definitely your guiding principle. Most all of the zone's bosses move quickly and have attacks that hit in quick succession which can punish you if you're waiting for a heavier weapon to land hits.

With this in mind, always go for Daggers, Swords or Gauntlets so that you'll be able to land melee attacks without issue. Prioritize getting curses that can snipe enemies from long range, and go for tarot cards that boost either your melee damage and swing speed or Curse usage counter.

You'll also want to upgrade your skills and powers to at least the second or third branch of the Sermon Faith skill tree. This will grant you weapons and curses strong enough to deal with the area's bosses without much issue. This will also help you unlock weapon effects like Bane and Necromancer, which can help you find weapons that poison enemies or turn their departed souls into projectile attacks respectively.

Anura Bosses - Gusion Guide

Cult of the Lamb Anura Bosses Gusion Screenshot
Gusion's fight is all about keeping up the pressure while preventing too many enemies from spawning and mobbing you.

The first of the Cult of the Lamb Anura bosses is Gusion, who resembles the area's hopping frog enemies and carries a similar moveset.

His primary attacks are the AOE shockwaves he sends out and the projectiles he fires off in clusters. Neither are that hard to avoid, and you can still deal easy melee and Curse damage to him via hit and run tactics. However, what does make the boss fight tricky is how he spawns in other frog enemies via eggs he lays. These eggs can be destroyed with a few hits, but focusing on them instead of him can leave you vulnerable.

To that end, destroy the eggs you can and then wait for the other eggs to hatch. Destroy the enemies that spawn quickly, as they can be a nuisance to deal with. Once only one smaller enemy is remaining, shift your focus back to Gusion and use hit and run tactics to whittle down his health. He should fall before too long, and you'll have cleared the zone's first hurdle.  

Anura Bosses - Eligos Guide

Cult of the Lamb Anura Bosses Eligos Screenshot
Eligos is highly mobile and can overwhelm you with projectiles if you aren't careful.

The zone's second boss is Eligos, a larger variant of the area's flying frog enemies with the same move set cranked up a notch.

He'll primarily attack you in one of two ways. The first is via a swarm of fly projectiles that home in on you. These projectiles can be destroyed with melee and curse attacks though, with melee attacks being the better option of the two. Wait for him to fire off a swarm, and then start to attack the swarm once it's within mid-range of your attacks. You can also bait the swarm so that it follows you until it's right in front of Eligos, and then unleash some melee combos on both at once.

His other attack is a homing charge attack that leaves projectiles in his wake. These projectiles can't be destroyed, so you'll need to dodge through them as they start to curve inward toward each other. You'll have a brief window after dodging these attacks to deal some melee or Curse damage, but don't get too greedy. This attack will trigger more frequently and at shorter range after he reaches half health too, so keep this in mind before you charge in for quick hits.

Anura Bosses - Zepar Guide

Cult of the Lamb Anura Bosses Zepar Screenshot
Zepar is a slight variation on Gusion, but don't let your guard down thinking he'll be easy.

The third of the Cult of the Lamb Anura bosses is Zepar, and most of his move set is very similar to Gusion's. He hops around and creates AOE shockwave attacks where he lands, while also lobbing projectiles and using smaller enemies to distract you.

Unlike Gusion though, Zepar uses explosive projectiles to deal heavy damage to you if you aren't careful. Fortunately, they show where they'll land via a targeting reticle, so you can avoid them without too much hassle. Likewise, the smaller enemies that spawn can be dealt with in much the same way as in Gusion's boss fight: Defeat the smaller enemies until only one is left, and then close in on Zepar for hit and run damage. 

As for the AOE shockwaves from when he lands, avoiding them comes down to patience. Take your time and wait until he stops jumping around, and don't get too greedy when landing melee hits on him. Always be ready to dodge away in case he enters a series of jumps, and never try to execute a full combo of attacks.

Maintain this cautious approach, and before long you'll be one step closer to clearing the zone.

Anura Bosses - Heket Guide

Cult of the Lamb Anura Bosses Heket Transformation Screenshot
Heket introduces a slew of new moves compared to the other Anura bosses, so stay on your toes and be ready for anything.

The last of the Cult of the Lamb Anura bosses is the Bishop of the Old Faith Heket, and her fight is far from a cakewalk. Capable of a variety of ranged attacks, she can keep you at a distance with ease via both an overwhelming number of projectiles and quick-hitting strikes from her tongue. She can also slam down on you with AOE shockwaves, and can lob explosive flies at you whether you're close by or on the edge of the arena. Topping everything off is a steady stream of smaller enemies, with more spawning in as Heket loses more health.

Fortunately, her attacks are easy enough to dodge. For her tongue strike and lobbed flies, avoid the target reticles they produce on the ground. Doing so will allow you to move in quickly and land some hits before she transitions into the next attack. Her AOE shockwaves are easy enough to avoid by dodging away to the left or right, while the smaller enemies can be lured to the far sides of the arena to buy yourself some breathing room. 

The one phase that will require specific actions is her third phase, triggered by bringing Heket down to a third of her health. Once this phase starts, two large frog enemies will spawn and need to be defeated in order to bring Heket back out and finish her off. To do so, focus on one of them at a time and kill any smaller enemies that try to gang up on you. Don't be afraid to fall back for a bit, and try your best not to split up your damage too much. Before long, both will fall to you and Heket will return, attacking more aggressively once she does. Stay mobile, and pick your moment to go in for an attack to finish her off for good.

Hopefully this helps you take out the Cult of the Lamb Anura bosses without much trouble. For more on the game, definitely check out our Cult of the Lamb guide hub. It has a ton of guides on other big topics including how to make money fast and how to become the best Knucklebone player around.

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