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The Silk Cradle is the final zone you can explore in Cult of the Lamb, and its bosses are dead-set on halting your progression. Most all of them are quick, ruthless and capable of smearing you across the floor if you don't react properly to their attacks. As such, it'd be no big shock if you've been struggling to beat them and need some pointers on how to eviscerate them without a sweat. Fortunately, we've got you covered with our Cult of the Lamb Silk Cradle bosses guide.

Cult of the Lamb Silk Cradle Boss Tips

To start, you'll want to prepare correctly for all of the Cult of the Lamb Silk Cradle boss fights or else you'll be left without key tools in your decisive battles.

First off, make sure you have the second to last or final tier of weapons unlocked via the Sermon skill tree. This will make top class weapons and curses available for your use, including the God weapons and the homing variant of curses. Both of these will prove invaluable, as they can deal significantly more damage to the bosses than other variants of weapons and Curses.

Likewise, you'll want to have the Golden Fleece equipped. This garment grants you a 10 percent increase in damage per kill you make without being hit, and can drastically increase your damage output in only a few cleared rooms. Be aware, however, that this comes with the drawback of double damage from all attacks.

You'll also want to be on the lookout for specific weapons and gear while doing your runs through the zone. Try to find and equip a Dagger, as most of the bosses can best be dealt with using quick hit and run tactics. You'll then want to buff your Dagger with Tarot Cards that boost its damage, add special effects like poison or critical hits, and increase its attack speed. Increases to your health are also viable if none of these pop up.

Silk Cradle Bosses - Focalor Guide

Cult of the Lamb Silk Cradle Bosses Guide Focalor Screenshot
Focalor is fast and capable of ripping through your health. Dodge his attacks appropriately, and slice away at him any chance you get.

Once these preparations are made, you'll be ready to take on Focalor, the first of the Cult of the Lamb Silk Cradle bosses.

A mix of the different insect enemies found throughout the zone, Focalor is great at forcing you into position for certain attacks using other parts of his arsenal. He'll charge at you with a tackle, only to follow up with a burst of projectiles or a leaping slam attack that releases an AOE shockwave and spreading projectiles simultaneously. This is in addition to summoning smaller enemies to keep you distracted while he sets up these attacks, turning the boss fight into a contest between different factors for your attention.

As such, it's best to be patient and take your time with this fight. Watch his movements carefully, and wait for the brief gaps he leaves between his attacks to move in and land some melee hits. If he lets off a spreading projectile volley, dodge through the gaps in the line to get close to him and punish him even more. Don't get suckered into charging him after he lands for his slam attack, and keep up the pressure anytime he tries to move without attacking.

Be patient, and he should fall without too much trouble.

Silk Cradle Bosses - Vephar Guide

Cult of the Lamb Silk Cradle Bosses Guide Vephar Screenshot
Vephar isn't too hard to deal with as long as you understand his attacks.

Next in line in Vephar, who is honestly the easiest out of the Cult of the Lamb Silk Cradle bosses to beat.

A larger variant of the giant centipede enemies found throughout the zone, his schtick is keeping you at a distance and letting other enemies or side effects finish you off. He constantly summons smaller enemies to hassle you while also lobbing poison projectiles your way, with the latter capable of poisoning you quickly. He'll also sprout spikes from his body if you get too close, resulting in quick damage at short range.

Fortunately, all of this is easy enough to deal with. Kill the enemies he spawns as soon as they appear and dodge out of the way of the poison projectiles by avoiding their target reticle. Move in on Vephar and hammer him with melee attacks, only stopping for a few seconds to get away from his body spikes. keep up the pressure, and he'll be decimated in no time flat.

Silk Cradle Bosses - Hauras Guide

Cult of the Lamb Silk Cradle Bosses Guide Hauras Screenshot
Hauras can be tricky to beat if you're not good at dealing with projectiles. Be wary of where his attacks are headed toward and dodge appropriately.

Following Vephar is Hauras, and he can be tough to take down.

This is due to his variety of projectile attacks, which range from standard projectiles blasted out in circular spreading patterns or rapid-firing turret blasted that rotate around him. He can also fire off special poison projectiles that leave a poison trail in their wake, afflicting you if you stand in the trail for too long. Finally, he can charge you with a headbutt if you stand too close for him for too long, providing him with a means of attacking you from short range.

To that end, you'll need to attack in quick bursts while prioritizing movement and dodging Hauras' ranged attacks. Don't try to get close to him while he does his rotating turret attack, and dodge through the waves of circular projectile attacks to get close to him for melee attacks. If he starts to charge up for a tackle, dodge back and away from him until you're out of his range and fire off some Curses his way.

It may take a while, but keep up this pattern and you'll defeat him with the least headaches and frustration possible.

Silk Cradle Bosses - Shamura Guide

Cult of the Lamb Sillk Cradle Bosses Guide Shamura Transformation Screenshot
Shamura's boss fight gets more hectic with each phase, so stay calm and keep your eyes on the prize.

Your final obstacle in overcoming the Cult of the Lamb Silk Cradle bosses is Shamura, the leader of the Bishops of the Old Faith. 

Sitting just below Kallamar as the hardest boss in the game, Shamura utilizes a wide array of moves to turn you into red mist with. They can launch projectiles at you which explode on impact, jump up into the air and land with a shockwave, and slice at you from close and mid range. They attack more frequently and aggressively as the fight goes on too, making it paramount for you to stay aware of what's coming at you but focused on dealing damage. 

When they start tossing explosive projectiles at you, dodge away from the target reticles and toward Shamura to get some melee combos in. Dodge away if they reel back their claws for slicing attacks, and dodge right back in to keep the combos coming as much as possible. If they jump up into the air, dodge to the left or right until they land and try to swipe at you again, firing off Curses if you have enough room. Keep up the pressure, and their health should quickly melt away.

Once they reach half health, Shamura will start attacking more aggressively. They'll emit projectiles when they land with their slamming attack, and will begin swiping at you multiple times in a row with their melee attacks. To avoid the projectiles, dodge backward toward the edge of the arena and slide through the gapes made between the blasts as they spread out. for the swipes, dodge to the left or right just as Shamura starts to swing their arm. Maintain the pressure on them with continued melee combos, only stopping to dodge.

Keep this up long enough, and Shamura will come crashing down for good along with the rule of the Old Faith.

Hopefully this makes defeating all of the Cult of the Lamb Silk Cradle bosses more doable. For more on the game, check out our Cult of the Lamb guide hub. It has a plethora of other guides for you to check out, including ones on money-making and farming.

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