Cult of the Lamb Weapons Guide

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Cult of the Lamb Weapons Guide

Given the fact that Massive Monster's Cult of the Lamb is a roguelike, it's little surprise there are a slew of weapons to choose from. Ranging from quick-hitting daggers to massive hammers, the arsenal you'll have to choose from offers plenty of variety for you to consider before heading off on your next crusade. This can also be overwhelming though, so don't worry if you're in need of some input on the finer points of the game's death dealers. It's exactly why we've constructed this Cult of the Lamb weapons guide.

Cult of the Lamb Weapons Guide - How Weapons Work

So then, First thing's first: In Cult of the Lamb, weapons are randomly given to you at the start of every Zone run and at fixed points during your crusade.

These fixed points are typically weapon shops run by an NPC or rooms with particularly difficult waves of enemies. Neither will charge you for the weapon you select, but they will limit you to choosing only one of the weapons among their offerings. Once your choice is made, the rest will disappear and be inaccessible for the rest of your zone run.

The types of weapons that can spawn at these points and at the start of the run are daggers, swords, gauntlets, axes and hammers.

Daggers are the fastest and weakest weapons, while hammers are the slowest and hardest hitting. Each weapon also comes with a different combo string, with the number of hits determined by their speed. Daggers can hit as many as five times via combos, while hammers can only hit once. Likewise, it's worth noting that Gauntlets have a special effect where they progressively get stronger the further into a combo they get.

Cult of the Lamb Weapons Guide Weapons to Choose From
At fixed points during a run, you'll be able to find weapons you can choose to equip. You can only take one with you though.

Weapons also have a level assigned to them that dictates their power. Stronger weapons will appear after you unlock the related skill from the Faith skill tree, which is accessed by holding Sermons for your cult.

Each weapon also carries one of several specific attribute that gives it a special ability. The Bane Axe, for example, has the chance to poison enemies with every hit, while the Merciless Dagger has a slight chance to deal massive damage with a critical hit. The different weapon attributes are shown below, and like weapon levels are unlocked via the Faith skill trees accessed through Sermons.

  • Bane Weapons: These weapons have a chance to poison enemies, dealing continuous damage over time in addition to any melee attacks that find their mark.
  • Vampiric Weapons: Killing enemies with these weapons has a chance to heal any damage you've taken. However, they'll only heal your red hearts.
  • Necromantic Weapons: A kill with weapons harboring this effect spawns a ghostly projectile that will seek out enemies. Those hit by it will be dealt a moderate amount of damage.
  • Zealous Weapons: While a weapon with this effect is equipped, every bit of Fervour you pick up will also generate Devotion. This effect lasts even if you achieve Divine Inspiration.
  • Merciless Weapons: Every hit with these weapons has the chance to become a critical hit, dealing massive damage.
  • God Weapons: Any weapon with this effect deals double damage with every melee attack that lands.

There's no way to select a specific weapon every single time you go crusading in the Heretic-held lands. Not only that, but their effects are randomized as well, meaning you'll have to either make the best of what you're given or start a new run.

Cult of the Lamb Weapons Guide Weapon Upgrade Skill Tree
Weapon abilities can be unlocked by progressing through the Faith skill trees, but don't expect to unlock every ability all at once.

Cult of the Lamb Weapons Guide - What the Best Weapons Are

With this said though, there are some Cult of the Lamb weapons you'll want to prioritize choosing whenever they appear.

To start, you should always go for God variants of any weapons. These will maximize your damage and ensure you're hitting as hard as possible whether it's a dagger or a hammer. Zealous weapons are close seconds. They'll help you farm an absurd amount of Devotion even if you're in a smaller area, as every enemy drops Fervour upon death. This will allow you to clear out the Divine Inspiration crafting recipe trees in no time and optimize your hub location with minimal hassle.

For daggers, the best ones are those that allow you to rapidly farm effects via their quick and repeated strikes. This makes the Bane Dagger and Merciless Dagger the best versions and easy picks if you're lucky enough to find them. When used properly, they can ensure an enemy never stops taking damage or is hit with a steady stream of critical hits respectively.

As for the swords and gauntlets, there's a bit more wiggle room. While they still strike quickly enough to make the Merciless variants valuable, they also hit just hard enough to warrant holding out for the better kill-triggered effects. As such, you can't go wrong with the Merciless, Vampiric and Necromantic types.

Finally, for axes and hammers, you'll want to go with death-triggered effects every time. They hit hard enough that they can one-hit kill most enemies while you're buffed, so they'll be able to maximize how often death-triggered abilities prompt. This makes the Vampiric and Necromantic variants the way to go if you're lucky enough to roll them.

Hopefully this Cult of the Lamb weapons guide had everything you needed to know. For our full thoughts on the game, you can check out our full review. We've also got plenty of other guides on a variety of topics, including what the best curses are, how to optimize your Followers and how to craft every item as fast as possible.

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