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Among the bosses found in Cult of the Lamb, Anchordeep's ringleaders are arguably the most difficult. Most all of them have projectile attacks that can quickly turn their fights into bullet hells, while some also boast homing attacks that can wallop you if you aren't prepared for them. As such, you wouldn't be blamed for needing help to overcome them. That's why we've created this detailed Cult of the Lamb Anchordeep bosses guide, breaking down everything you'd need to know before heading into a confrontation with them.

Cult of the Lamb Anchordeep Boss Tips

Before diving headlong into this gauntlet of fights though, it's worth noting that there are specific steps you can take to make your fights against the Cult of the Lamb Anchordeep bosses easier.

To start, make sure you've unlocked the fourth tier of weapon and Curse skills from the Sermon skill tree. This will allow you to find weapons and curses that are powerful enough to deal proper damage to Anchordeep's enemies and bosses. Likewise, if you haven't already, complete some side quests so that you can unlock the Golden Fleece. When equipped, this will double the damage you deal with each kill and can drastically reduce the time it takes to kill both enemies and bosses. Bear in mind, though, that you'll also take double damage as a result.

You'll also want to prioritize Daggers or Hammers as your weapon should either appear during your runs. Daggers are great whether you have the increased damage bonus from the Golden Fleece or not, and can allow you to get quick hits in during battle. Hammers, meanwhile, will maximize the damage you deal with the damage bonus active, though this does come at the cost of a long windup time.

For Curses, try to find either the Ichor or homing variants. Both of these can be useful for tearing through each boss' health bar, while the Ichor can also afflict them with poison for good measure.

Finally, you'll want to go for tarot cards that cater to your weapon. If you have the hammer, look for cards that boost your health, cut down on time between melee attacks, and reduce the casting costs for Curse attacks. If you have a dagger. go for cards that boost your attack and apply other effects like poison, critical hits and so forth.

Anchordeep Bosses - Saleos Guide

Cult of the Lamb Anchordeep Bosses Guide Saleos Screenshot
Saleos can be a pain to deal with if you don't move and dodge constantly. Stay mobile and carefully choose when to attack.

Once you're finished making your preparations, you'll be ready for the first of the Cult of the Lamb Anchordeep bosses.

Named Saleos, this boss is highly mobile and hard to get in close to. He'll shoot spikes out of his body if you get inside his bubble for too long, and can charge at you from across the arena with a homing tackle. For both of these, it's best to wait out his attack and then wait again until he gets stuck in a cooldown state. This will give you time to attack with either melee combos or Curses, and you can land a decent amount before he moves into his next attack pattern.

He can also attack from a distance via spiky shockwaves that are either fixed in place or home in on you. Both are easy enough to dodge by heading away from him and toward the edge of the arena. This will cause the shockwaves to peter out and give you the opportunity to fire off some long range Curses if you have them available.

Keep up this pattern of dodging and briefly attacking to take him out in no time flat.

Anchordeep Bosses - Harborym Guide

Cult of the Lamb Anchordeep Bosses Guide Haborym Screenshot
Don't let Haborym keep his distance from you. Close in on him and hammer away at him whenever possible.

Next up is Haborym, who is deceptive in how difficult he actually is. 

Able to fire off projectiles in either an expanding circle or a rotating volley, he likes to keep his distance from you by constantly warping around the arena. Making matters more difficult are the blue squid enemies that he spawns, which will home in on you from across the arena and charge into you. 

As such, taking him on comes down to crowd control and quickly moving from place to place. Kill the blue squid enemies as soon as they appear, and then dash over to Haborym to deal out some melee damage. If he looks like he's charging up to fire off some projectiles, dodge roll away and start hitting him with Curse attacks. Rinse and repeat, and before long you'll have taken down this pesky boss.

Anchordeep Bosses - Baalzebub Guide

Cult of the Lamb Anchordeep Bosses Guide Baalzebub Screenshot
Baalzebub is deadset on keeping you away from him via wide-range projectile attacks. Dodge them appropriately to tear him apart. 

After that, Baalzebub is the next of the Cult of the Lamb Anchordeep bosses for you to take on. Like Haborym, he tries to keep you at a distance with a variety of projectile attacks including circular waves of projectiles that spread out as they go, clusters that blast out at short range, and waves of projectiles that he shoots out after charging them up for a few seconds.

As such, his fight is all about timing and proper punishment. Wait for the right time to dodge away from the projectile clusters and through the expanding circle of projectiles. Wait for the waves of projectiles to spread out, and don't stop moving around and dodging while you wait for this moment. If you see an opportunity to attack as he fires off any of these ranged attacks, close in and hit him with some melee combos. 

This should see him fall at your feet quickly enough, and then you'll be left with only the zone's Bishop of the Old Faith to deal with.

Cult of the Lamb Anchordeep Bosses - Kallamar Guide

Cult of the Lamb Anchordeep Bosses Guide Kallamar Transformation Screenshot
Kallamar has a variety of ways to damage you, so pick your moments to move in and attack him carefully.

Kallamar is arguably the hardest of the Bishops to defeat, as he doesn't really have a gap in his damage-dealing methods. He can fill the screen with clusters, waves and expanding circles of projectiles, all while warping around the screen and summoning smaller enemies to make your life a living hell. This is to say nothing of his melee attacks, which have a wide range and need to be dodged perfectly.

With all this in mind, you're going to want to use a hit and run strategy for the entirety of the fight. Focus on evading attacks and dodging through projectile attacks of they're small enough, and be ready to dodge if he brings his sword arm back. Whenever he summons smaller enemies, kill them so that they don't hassle you too much while you're trying to dodge his incoming onslaughts.

For attacking, use Curses whenever possible and only let off one or two melee attacks at a time. He'll usually have an opening to exploit after using a larger projectile attack, so roll in toward him and let off some attacks before he warps away.

Keep up the pressure until he enters his second phase. This will see all of his attacks become longer and more aggressive, and he'll start warping toward your location more often. Use this to your advantage and attack him in the brief windows before and after his attacks. Keep up the pressure, and he'll eventually be done and dusted.

Hopefully this makes your battles against the Cult of the Lamb Anchordeep bosses a little less stressful. For more on the game, head over to our Cult of the Lamb guide hub. It has plenty of info on topics like how to complete every side quest and how to properly decorate your farm.

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