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Our Cult of the Lamb Fishing guide will tell you how to unlock Fishing, how Fishing works, and the best way to catch Fish in the game!

How Cult of the Lamb Fishing Works

Cult of the Lamb Fishing uses a simple and straightforward system for catching Fish. All you need to do is stand by the fish sign, interact with the area, and cast your rod.

A fish will bite after a short while; from there, it's all about reeling it in.

Cult of the Lamb Fishing Guide - Reeling In a Fish

Reeling in a Fish is as simple as tapping the correct button depending on your platform (for example, E or left-click on PC). You have to keep the hook in the green zone,

If you can keep the hook in the green zone, you'll reel the fish in and catch it. If you can't manage to hold it steady, the Fish will eventually escape.

How to Unlock Fishing in Cult of the Lamb

You can unlock Fishing in Cult of the Lamb by exploring Darkwood until you encounter The Fisherman. Once you do, he'll open up a path to Pilgrim's Passage on the world map.

Cult of the Lamb Fishing Guide - Best Way to Fish Fishing Shop

Best Way to Fish in Cult of the Lamb

The best way to Fish in Cult of the Lamb is by using the Ritual of the Ocean's Bounty; you can unlock it by choosing the correct Doctrine in Sustenance III. This Ritual increases the spawn rate of rare fish and doubles the amount of fish caught for two days, significantly increasing the number of Fish your reel in.

Using the Ritual of the Ocean's Bounty is also instrumental to completing The Fisherman's Quest "Beasts Below the Waves." Once completed, this will unlock a shop that allows you to purchase Fish from him directly.

We're at the end of our Cult of the Lamb Fishing Guide, but there's loads more to learn -- have a look at some of our other guides below!

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