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Coral Island Catching Guide, screenshot of player standing between their chicken coop and barn with their animals roaming freely on the farmland

Raising a healthy and thriving barn full of animals is key to creating a successful and self-sufficient Farm of your very own. In this Coral Island ranching guide, we will cover which animals are currently available to purchase, how to create each and every one of their homes, and how to generate a profit using the animal products you will collect from each animal. 

How to Raise Animals in Coral Island

First off, in order to acquire animals in Coral Island, you will first need to build them a cozy place to live. Each animal that is currently available has its very own specific home that must be built before you can purchase them:

  • Chickens and Chicks - Coop
  • Cows - Barn
  • Horses - Stable

You will be able to purchase the blueprint for each home inside of the Carpenter shop, and you will need to bring some materials with you as well as coins in order to buy them. Here is what you will need in order to build each one:


Coop Level 1

  • Houses up to 4 coop animals
  • Coins: 2,000
  • Wood: x100
  • Stone: x50
  • Bronze Bar: x5
  • Fiber: x10


Barn Level 1

  • Houses up to 4 barn animals
  • Coins: 3,000
  • Wood: x200
  • Stone: x100
  • Bronze Bar: x5
  • Fiber: x10


  • Houses 1 horse
  • Coins: 15,000
  • Scrap: x50
  • Stone: x200
  • Silver Bar: x5 

Once you have purchased the blueprint for the animal house of your choice with the materials and coins above, you will then need to find an open spot on your property to build your housing. Once you place it down, it does not appear that it can be moved, so choose the placement wisely.

Once the homes for your animals are placed, you will then need to head over to the Ranch and walk up to the desk and select "Shop". In the Shop menu, you will see a few options, but to purchase animals, you will select the "Animal" option. From there you will see all of the barnyard animals available for you to purchase, which are currently only Cows, Chickens, and Horses.

You may choose to raise your farm animals from youngsters or purchase full-grown animals ready to produce animal products. There are chicklets, which are baby chickens that cannot yet produce eggs and will need to be raised, fed, and loved prior to them growing into full-grown chickens. You can also spend a bit more and purchase a ready-to-go chicken that will begin to produce eggs immediately upon feeding and sleeping.

The same applies to cows, where you can purchase a baby cow that will need to be raised prior to producing milk, or one adult cow that is ready to go from day one. Horses only come as adults and do not produce any form of animal product, but they can be ridden around the map to travel faster, which is handy. All of the animals thus far seem to eat only hay, which can be purchased from the Ranch as well. Later on down the line, you will be able to make your own hay, but that will take a while to unlock. 

More so, once you have your animals on the farm, you will notice that not only do they need to be fed with Hay, but that a heart icon will appear in a bubble above their heads. This is an indication that they would like a few head pats! Yes, you indeed need to love your barnyard buddies every day to build a relationship with them. You can inspect each animal after they have been petted to see how many hearts they have filled currently, which is their relationship level with you. You can also view each and every animals relationship level that lives inside of that housing unit at once by interacting with the sign on the back left wall of the animal house. The more you love them, feed them and care for them, the more they love you. If you pet them every day as well as feed them daily, they will produce higher quality animal product, which means higher quality food and more money in your pocket. 

Screenshot in Coral island of the interior of the Chicken Coop, with 4 chickens roaming about with a heart icon above their head indicating they would like to be petted, as well as eggs strewn about the floor for the player to collect, Coral Island Ranching Guide

Coral Island Ranching Mastery Skills

These are the Skills that you can unlock as you progress with Ranching Mastery; you can spend Skill Points on the Mastery screen in the menu.

Tier I Skills

  • Animal Feed I: 10% chance for animal feed to stay filled the next day.
  • Animal Feed II: 20% chance for animal feed to stay filled the next day. 
  • Double Products: 5% chance to harvest double animal products. 
  • Fast Friends I: Lowers the time to befriend animals by 5%.
  • Fast Friends II: Lowers the time to befriend animals by 10%.

Tier II Skills

The Tier II Skills are not yet implemented in Coral Island as of Early Access v0.1 -49002.

Best Coral Island Ranching Skill to Take First

Currently, the best Coral Island ranching skill to start off with is the Animal Feed I skill. Hay is quite pricey to purchase, and though later on you can produce your own via a mill and grass, you need to level up your Ranching Skill prior to that mill unlocking. In order to cut down on the amount of hay you will use per day on each of your animals, it is best to grab the skill that gives the hay a chance to last an extra day. 

Coral Island Ranching Mastery Level-Up Rewards

  1. Level 1: +1 Skill Points, +3 Max Energy, No Recipe Given.  
  2. Level 2: +1 Skill Points, +3 Max Energy, Mayonaise Machine Recipe
  3. Level 3: +1 Skill Points, +3 Max Energy, Hay Fence Recipe, Hay Gate Recipe, Hay Floor Tile Recipe
  4. Level 4: +1 Skill Points, +3 Max Energy, Yogurt Machine Recipe, Hay Sign Recipe, 
  5. Level 5: +1 Skill Points, +3 Max Energy, Hay Arch Recipe, 
  6. Level 6: +1 Skill Points, +3 Max Energy, Ability to purchase Goats (Note: This did not show up in the Ranch for me to purchase at the time of unlocking.)
  7. Level 7: +1 Skill Points, +3 Max Energy, ? 
  8. Level 8: +1 Skill Points, +3 Max Energy, ?
  9. Level 9: +1 Skill Points, +3 Max Energy, ?
  10. Level 10: +1 Skill Points, +3 Max Energy, ?


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