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Coral Island Cooking Guide, screenshot of the stove where it shows the players utensils available as well as the recipes and manual tab at the top

Cooking is extensive in most farming sims, but Coral Island seems to have taken cooking to an entirely new level by introducing a hefty amount of utensils that must be used correctly to make the perfect meal. There are several to choose from, a plethora of ingredients, and endless combos to try. In this Coral Island cooking guide, we will discuss each recipe we have discovered, what utensils are available currently, and how cooking works. 

How to Cook in Coral Island

You would think cooking would be throwing ingredients together at a makeshift fire, stove or oven would be easy as pie, but in Coral Island, cooking becomes a bit of a complex endeavor. There are several different utensils you will need to collect in order to make certain meals, and the Socket and Pan shop is where you will need to go to purchase these utensils. There will only be one utensil available per day from what we can tell, and once you purchase it, you will have to wait until the following day to check and see if a new utensil is available. 

More so, you will need to upgrade your Farmhouse in order to cook; this is because the standard level 1 Farmhouse doesn't come equipped with a kitchen. Before you will be given the option to upgrade your house to include a kitchen area, you will need to complete the quest "Home Sweet Home", where you must bring 50 wood and 20 stone to the carpenters for them to rebuild your currently unlivable house. The price tag on upgrading your house to include a kitchen is a whopping 5,000 coins, and you will also need a few materials to upgrade as well, which are as follows:

  • Wood: x100
  • Stone: x50
  • Bronze Bar: x5

Once you have gathered all of the materials and saved the cash, you will be able to head on over to the Carpenter, where you will select the "House Upgrade" option, where Dinda will tell you that they can fix it up in just a few days. From our experience, it took 3 in-game days for the upgraded house to be complete. After that upgrade is finished, you will have a sparkling new kitchen located on the right side of the house. This is where you will do your cooking, and it is where the utensils you purchase will be automatically saved. 

Coral Island Cooking Recipes

Fresh Salad

  • Ingredients: Any Veggie
  • Utensil: Chef's Knife
  • Stamina: +144
  • Health: +144


Green Smoothie


  • Ingredients: Any Veggie
  • Utensil: Blender
  • Stamina: +132
  • Health: +144


Hard Boiled Egg


  • Ingredients: Any Egg
  • Utensil: Pot
  • Stamina: +36
  • Health: +21



  • Ingredients: Lotus Flower, Any Flour, Any Egg
  • Utensil: Chef's Knife
  • Stamina: +95
  • Health: +56




  • Ingredients: Radish
  • Utensil: Ceramic Bowl
  • Stamina: +120
  • Health: +144


  • Ingredients: Any Fish, Wasabi
  • Utensil: Chef's Knife
  • Stamina: +200
  • Health: +270



  • Ingredients: Any Fruit
  • Utensil: Blender
  • Stamina: +132
  • Health: +144

Whole Coconut Drink


  • Ingredients: Coconut
  • Utensil: Chef's Knife
  • Stamina: +35
  • Health: +40


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